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REMIX | Gray T-Shirt Dress

My apologies for the lack of blogging lately.  The first day of school was this past Tuesday, and anyone who works in a school knows how exhausting that first week back can be.  On top of it, I came down with a nasty cold on Wednesday (yep, the second day of school), which has totally tapped me out.  Kevin has the same cold as well, so we spent all weekend just laying on the couch, drinking water and watching copious amounts of Project Runway.  [Side note: I feel really lucky that I have a partner who doesn't mind - in fact, enjoys - watching Project Runway with me.  It leads to some very interesting discussions about the fashion industry, bodies, etc.  Any other Project Runway fans out there??]  I need to do another round of outfit photos so you can see what I wore during my first week of school, too!  For now, I've got a few more rounds of photos of what I wore this summer.  Today's post features my gray t-shirt dress and three different ways I wore it over the summer.

Dress: Old Navy | Sandals: Target | Necklace: Simonson's Jewelry
I really love how gray, purple, and black look together, so when I wanted an easy outfit for a day at home this summer, I decided to accessorize this dress with my purple pendant necklace and black sandals.  It's very simple, but I liked how I felt in this outfit.  It was great for a hot day!
Dress + Flats: Old Navy | Scarf: Gift from Mom
Typically, when I am looking through my outfit spreadsheets (which have evolved since I first posted back in 2013...), and notice that there's an item that has been neglected, I make it a point to plan a few potential outfits that include that item.  So, when I was doing my most recent closet inventory update, I realized I hadn't worn this scarf in ages, and decided to wear it in an outfit later that week.  Typically, when I wear a scarf with an outfit, I like it to add some contrast to the outfit.  This time, however, I tried out a different look in which the scarf kind of blended into the dress.  I didn't mind how it looked, actually :)
 Dress: Old Navy | Shoes: TOMS | Scarf: Gift from Mom
I wish I had taken a close-up of this scarf.  My mom gave it to me on a whim in the spring, and I absolutely adore it.  It fits in with so many things in my closet, and I love how lightweight it is.  I wore this outfit on a random weekday this summer, but I would feel 100% comfortable wearing it to work as well.

I know that so many bloggers have this dress (and in other colors as well), and there are probably so many other exciting ways to wear it, but I just like how much mix and match potential there is!  I've already showed how I've worn my coral version on the blog, and I'm going to do another remix with my black version soon as well.  Remixing for the winnnn!

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