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Monthly Goals | August

Recap | July Goals
1. Get 10,000 steps every day and drink 100 oz of water every day | Fail.  Fail, fail, fail.  I'm really disappointed in myself.  There's some kind of mental block I'm dealing with that is preventing me from getting into an exercise routine and/or being healthy in general.  I did much better at drinking water than I did at getting 10,000 steps in, but I'm trying hard to figure out why I cannot make choices for my health.  It's frustrating and discouraging.

2. Try a new recipe every week | Hahaha, guess how many times I cooked this month?  ZERO.  I mean, I made spaghetti once (with sauce from a jar - we go all out), and I made black bean tacos a couple of times, but these are regular staples for us.  We did absolutely no experimenting in the kitchen.  I did buy the ingredients to make a broccoli + cheese + rice casserole, but then Kevin ate the cheese and we forgot about the yeah.  I had kind of good intentions and zero follow through.

3. Play music | YES!  Finally, a goal I accomplished!  My dad told me about this fantastic app (Scribd), where you can have access to all kinds of audiobooks, ebooks, etc.  My favorite feature, however, is that you can get the musical score for all kinds of Broadway musicals!  My all-time favorite show is Spring Awakening (I previously sang for you one of my favorite songs from the show here), and I've been having a blast teaching myself the piano parts for some of my other favorite Spring Awakening shows.  I even recorded myself playing/singing one (Mama Who Bore Me).  Take a listen if you feel so inclined (keep in mind I've never played/sang at the same time before, and I have a crappy electronic keyboard, haha).
(Try this link if the embedded video doesn't work)

4. Organize the basement | Wooo!  Kevin mostly tackled this goal, but I'm super happy that we don't trip on broken down cardboard boxes at the bottom of the stairs now.  We also have a big open space that we set our workout equipment up in, and we set up some shelves to hold all of our extra towels, sheets, blankets, etc. near the washer and dryer.  We still would like to set up a few more sets of shelves and empy the rest of the boxes and bins downstairs, but we've made excellent headway.

5. Recreate a date with Kevin | Hooray!  Another goal done!  One of the first things Kevin and I did the summer our relationship began was get bubble tea at the Tea Garden.  It's one of the fondest memories I have of the summer we really got to know each other (2008 - how has it been seven years already?!).  We went back to the Tea Garden a couple of weeks ago and while Kevin was adventurous and tried a new flavor, I had the exact same thing I had seven summers ago: pineapple + pina colada tea with strawberry + mango + passion fruit jellies.  Deeelicious.

August Goals
1. Get at least 7 hours of sleep every night | I'm a total grandma/toddler, in that I require at least 8-9 hours of sleep to feel great.  I don't drink caffeinated beverages, so I really rely on getting adequate sleep to feel my best.  However, this summer, I've gotten 8+ hours of sleep only a handful of times.  According to my Fitbit (and considering how I feel), I've been averaging 5 hours of sleep a night.  NOT COOL.  I feel like a zombie (this could explain some of the weight gain and general lethargy I've been experiencing).  I'm going to make it a point to shoot for 7+ hours of sleep each night.  Once I head back to work (August 24!!), I'm going to need to wake up at 5:00 am, which means I'll need to be in bed at 9:00 on school nights.  Time to get into my new routine!

2. Blog at least twice each week | I'm getting my blogging groove back, y'all.  I have taken outfit photos twice in the past week, and I have plans to take a bunch more over the course of the next week.  I'm eager to show you what I've been wearing this summer (here's where tracking my daily outfits is a real benefit!).  I need to start slowly, considering the sheer lack of blogging that's been going on all summer, but I feel like at least two posts a week is realistic!

3. Read 1,000 pages in August | I have been a reading machine this summer!  So far in 2015, I've read 20 books, with 10 of them having been read in the last 2 months.  It's been such a blast to get back to my bookworm roots.  (Side note: would you be interested in a post with some of the books I've read lately?  I always love hearing book recommendations from others myself!)

4. Finish painting the kitchen | We ran out of paint while painting our kitchen when we moved in nearly two months ago.  It took me about 6 weeks to actually buy another can of paint...but not, I think it's high time we actually finish painting the kitchen.  Then we'll be all done with painting for now, we can finish hanging our artwork up, and I'll feel much more settled/happy :)

5. Set a date for an open house | Once the new house is all settled, Kevin and I are planning to host a little open house for our families and close friends to come check out the new digs.  It will feel so great to be able to share our home with those we love the most!

What are your goals for August?

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