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Recent Thrifting Finds

I've talked recently about the rut I'm in right now when it comes to getting dressed.  Many of you provided some excellent suggestions about how to combat that rut - thank you!!  I think a big reason why I've been in said rut is because I haven't added a ton of things into my closet over the past year (due to not really shopping all year).  However, as I've perused different store websites to see if anything being offered in stores right now speaks to me, I have been utterly uninspired.  I decided to head to my local Goodwill to see what was there - you can always find some random treasures at the thrift store!

I walked through every single rack (except for capris and blazers - I'm not looking for either of those items right now) and spent about 2 hours looking through all kinds of clothing items, filling my cart, and trying on said items.  I tried on well over 50 items, which took a lot of patience, but I really think it paid off in the end (I took home 16 items!).

Here are my super cute (hahaha) dressing room photos with reflections on the items I took home, and a few of the items I left behind:

I've been looking for a waterfall cardigan for a long time, but most of them are way too bulky for my body's already bulky shape.  This cream linen cardigan from LOFT is perfect!  It's lightweight and soft, and I like how it drapes on me.  I've also wanted a cardigan with a lace detail for quite awhile as well, and this gray + black cardigan from The Limited fits the bill.  I like how it has 3/4-length sleeves and is a v-neck shape.  It will be perfect for work!
I know I already have a few black dresses, but they're one of my favorite things to wear.  I loved the wrap top of this Merona dress, and it is SO soft!  I felt comfortable in it and I know it will get worn tons for both work and casual outfits.  The middle photo features a stretchy knit pencil skirt with polka dots.  I have gotten rid of most of my skirts, as they just aren't very flattering on me, but I absolutely loved how this one felt and looked on me.  I wore it with the tank both untucked and tucked, and I liked how it looked both ways.  The maxi dress on the right is a deep, chocolate brown.  I was a little hesitant to try it on because it happens to be a maternity dress, but I tried it on because it was a size smaller than I typically wear, it was super soft, and I have wanted to find a maxi dress forever.  I'm an apple shape so most of my weight is in my belly, so perhaps the small amount of extra fabric in the belly is perfect for me.  Regardless, you cannot tell it's a maternity dress and I loved how it felt and looked on me (this picture is awful haha), so I took it home.  Plus, it was new with tags, and let me just say, I got this for a steal!
After years of avoiding sleeveless tops (stupid society saying that bigger girls can't wear sleeveless shirts!!!  I curse you!!), I've been wearing tanks all summer.  They're just so comfortable in warm temperatures and I like how I can add a cardigan or jacket if I get chilly, so I've been looking for some more to add to my collection.  The purple Gap tank on the left is my all-time favorite shade of purple (my favorite color!), and the studs give it a nice detail.  The middle tank is actually a workout tank, but as I'm spending more and more time on my bike, I've been looking for comfortable, cute, flattering workout tops.  This one is Ryka brand, and was new with tags (originally $60!!).  I felt amazing in it and I can imagine myself cruising around St. Paul in this tank and some black workout capris.  The white CAbi tank on the right is sheer and breezy, and I'm obsessed.  I love the longer length - I can wear it with shorts this summer, but in the cooler months, I could wear it with leggings or skinny pants and a jacket or cardigan on top.  Perfection.
I almost didn't try on the leopard tunic (the brand is Fever) because it's a size small (and I'm normally a size L/XL and wear a size 16 on the bottom...sooo not a small...), but I absolutely loved the print and it looked pretty oversized.  I'm so happy I tried it on.  It's soft like buttah and is wicked comfortable (in fact, I'm wearing it with gray leggings as I write this post...).  It also is appropriate for work - with some black skinny pants and boots or flats, I could wear this number all year round :)  The middle Mossimo sweater is fairly plain, but as I currently own literally one sweater other than this one (and it's an ugly Christmas sweater), I figured this one could get plenty of wear.  It's a lighter weight, so I'll be able to wear it during the fall and spring as well.  The blouse on the right (the brand is Rock & Republic) is kind of edgy with studs on the collar.  I've been really drawn to edgier styles over the past couple of years, and I really love this top.  It's edgy but still appropriate to wear to work.  I can see myself wearing this top with skinny jeans or pants, or even with the polka dot skirt I bought on this trip as well (see above).
The Old Navy chambray tunic on the left is my 4th chambray shirt (I have a problem), but I like that it's a different style and wash than my other chambray shirts.  It's a size bigger than I normally wear, which means I'm going to wear the heck out of this with leggings on the weekends (baggy = the comfiest!).  The blush sweater on the right is Lou & Grey, which is a brand I've always drooled over on LOFT's website but just can't justify the cost of.  I was super excited when I saw this top on the racks, and was even more in love when I tried it on.  It's incredibly soft and I love how lightweight it is!  Like so many of the other things I bought on this shopping trip, I can wear this top all year round - on its own during the warmer months, or layered with a blazer/jacket/cardigan in the cooler months.  And I love blush so...#winning.
This giraffe print blouse from Ann Taylor was one that I realllly hoped would fit (it's a size smaller than I usually wear).  When I tried it on, it was perfect!  I really like animal print (surprise surprise) but I don't have anything in a giraffe print right now.  The front of this blouse is kind of a silky material, while the sleeves and back are a very soft knit.  My favorite detail of the blouse is actually in the back - there is a line of buttons in the back from the neck to about halfway down my back, and it's adorable.  The blouse on the right (Mossimo) is another perfect blouse to wear all year round and in both casual and dressier outfits.  It's all neutral colors, but it has cream, white, gray, tan, and black - all the neutral colors that can be found in my closet.  I'll definitely be getting a lot of wear out of this top! 
Another thing I've been searching for about 2 years now is a denim vest.  Because it's kind of a trendy item, I didn't want to spend very much money on it, so when I found this Maurices vest for just $5, the price was right.  I love the crocheted detail on the back as well - it's a little bit boho and a little bit rock and roll, and totally something I'm going to wear the heck out of.  In fact, I wore it the other night over my pajamas just because.  (Also, I'm sorry for my face in the photo on the right.  It's creepy and inexcusable, haha.)
These last two tops are two of the tops that were almost perfect, but that I didn't wind up taking home.  The taupe Ann Taylor tee on the left was cute, but the material was just a little bit too clingy.  I also thought that the color was nice, but might be tricky to mix and match.  The Forever 21 top on the right totally reminded me of something Nicole would wear (<3) and I loooved the print and the fit was nearly perfect but...those sleeves.  You can't really tell in this photo very much, but the sleeves fell in such a weird position and they made me look so much broader than I am.  I almost bought it anyway because I loved it otherwise, but I also reminded myself that if I wasn't 100% in love with it or if the fit wasn't perfect, it needed to stay behind.  Sigh.

So...there you have it!  16 new items for my closet - and I am smitten with all of them.  When I was shopping, I just grabbed anything that caught my eye without being too picky about color, style, etc. - I wanted to see what stood out to me when I wasn't trying too hard to buy something for the blog, to fit any particular style, etc.  I just wanted to find things that were interesting to my eye.  Apparently I'm still having a super love affair with neutrals, and I'm drawn to some edgier pieces (studs, black/gray, looser tops to wear with skinny bottoms, etc).  Perhaps this is the direction my closet will be taking??

Next up in my journey to get out of this dumb rut is to find some more accessories.  I'm hoping to find some Etsy shops and/or local stores and companies to look for some new jewelry and perhaps some more scarves (I know I have a ton of scarves already but they're my #1 accessory and I love them).

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