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Monthly Goals | July

Every month, I comment about how crazy it is that it's a new month...I shouldn't be as shocked as I am each month, but I just can't get over how fast time is flying!  Anyway...with the start of a new month comes a recap of the previous month's goals and an outline of the new month's goals!

Recap | June Goals
1. Get the new house all settled | As I mentioned yesterday, our new house is almost completely settled, with the exception of just a little bit of artwork and finishing painting our kitchen (we ran out of paint and have been very lazy about getting to the store to buy another can...).  It's really starting to feel like our home now, which is so exciting!  I'm eager to continue exploring our new neighborhood!

2. Have friends over for games | Last weekend, we had my brother and his girlfriend over for dinner and games.  We actually had so much fun talking and laughing together that we didn't even get to the game portion of the night (and they stayed until nearly 2:00 am)!  It was such fun to spend time with them both!!  Another bonus of our house being in St. Paul?  We live only 10 minutes from my brother right now...the closest we've lived since he was a senior in high school, 11 years ago!  We even go to the same grocery store and Target, so we're eager to coincidentally run into each other from time to time now, haha.

3. Look for (and hopefully buy?) a swimsuit | I spent a ton of time this month looking for different swimsuits, but I haven't found anything that I'm ready to purchase yet.  When I looked at Target (where I've scored the previous several years in finding cute and somewhat flattering swimsuits), I found nothing, which was highly discouraging.  All of the two-pieces were either frumpy or skimpy (ew to both), and all of the one-pieces looked like grandma suits (ew again).  I am seriously considering getting a two-piece suit - high waisted black bottoms (I found a pair from JCPenney that I like) and then a cute vintagey-looking balconette top.  I'm not 100% sure I'll feel great in such a suit, but I'm really starting to get desperate.  I need a swimsuit!!  So...yes, I did look for a suit, but no, I did not buy one.

4. Make a dentist appointment | FAIL.  I need to do a little research to find a dentist in our new area.  I'm being a total weenie about it and so I'm avoiding it at all costs.  Ughhhh.

5. Buy a Fitbit | I bought my Fitbit early in June, and I've been having fun with it.  Admittedly, I haven't been good at getting in my 10,000 steps each day (I am so unmotivated...ugh), but it has helped me learn how to make better choices to get more steps in.  I also love how it helps track my sleep!  I go in spurts of being a great sleeper and an awful sleeper, and I'm trying to identify patterns that affect my sleep quality.

July Goals
1. Get 10,000 steps every day and drink 100 oz of water every day | I'm going to admit that I'm a stress-eater.  With the past couple of months being very stressful for Kevin and me, I hate to say this, but I've gained some weight (oh heyyyy, all-time high...UGH).  I really need to jumpstart my healthy choices again.  I know from previous successes that if I focus on something that pushes me a little bit (like making sure I get 10,000 steps a day) and drinking lots of water, I can actually lose weight.  I just need to make it a goal on my blog so that I have a bit more accountability!!

2. Try a new recipe every week | I...really don't like cooking.  I feel like I can never do it well, so I tend to get easily discouraged in the kitchen.  However, as with most things, I believe that I will get better at it as long as I keep practicing and trying new things.  I spent awhile this past weekend looking through some of our cookbooks and flagging different recipes that I want to try.  I actually got pretty excited about some of the things I found, so I'm eager to head to the grocery store and get some ingredients!

3. Play music | I have an entire room in our house dedicated to my hobbies.  I have been neglecting my musical instruments lately, but playing them brings me so much joy and contentment.  I'm really looking forward to playing them more often now that I have a whole room to practice in!

4. Organize the basement | Now that we have our very own basement (haha, priorities), we're excited that we can actually store things in it.  However, when we moved in, we wound up throwing a bunch of extra boxes and things that we only use some of the time downstairs, making it quite a mess right now.  I want to take a chunk of time this month to organize it a little bit so that it's less chaotic when we go downstairs to do laundry.

5. Recreate a date with Kevin | I think I've mentioned this before, but one of the reasons Kevin and I wanted to move to St. Paul is because we met in St. Paul - the first chunk of our relationship began in St. Paul and we did a lot of fun activities together in various parts of the city.  I'd love to recreate one of the first dates we ever went on - dinner at the Cafe on Grand, a bubble tea at the Tea Garden, and a walk around Lake Como.  How fun would that be?!

What are your goals for July?

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