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Dress + Leggings + Vest + Flats: Old Navy | Belt: The Limited

Like earlier this week, here's another little dress + leggings + flats number I wore a few months ago!  I do really love this dress (but right now I can't wear it because I've yet again gained some weight - how does this keep happening?!  I'm eating well and staying active!!!  UGH!), and ultimately, I still love my neutrals for the most part.

I wrote in my post earlier this week about how I'm not really feeling the whole getting dressed thing these days because nothing really feels like "me."  I do have to say, though, that most of the time when I'm wearing a dress, I feel pretty dang good.  In the summers, I like to just wear them on their own (perhaps with a necklace or a lightweight scarf), but in the cooler months, I love them with leggings and flats like I've done here, or with tights/leggings and boots when it gets even colder.  I wonder if I just need to start adding more dresses to my closet...I'm very picky about tops, so although I have some pants that are okay, I really dislike most of my tops (and when I browse online, I dislike most of what I see, too).  Therefore, I don't often feel excited about or good about any outfits that are bottoms + tops.  Hmmm, maybe I'm on to something??

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