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Top + Leggings + Vest: Old Navy | Boots: Target

Ohhh my gosh.  It's already July?!  After a very busy and chaotic June, I'm ready to take on July head first!  Here's another glimpse into what I have currently been up to!  (Also, here's an outfit I wore back in April that I haven't blogged yet.  Leggings + tunic + vest + boots = the comfiest outfit!)

Craving | Fresh fruits!  The girls that I'm nannying love to eat all kinds of fruits, so when I'm at their house, we always are munching on peaches, raspberries, apples, blueberries, blackberries, bananas, cherries, etc.  I can't get enough fruit these days!

Grilling | Nothing...we haven't set up our grill at the new house yet, so we haven't been grilling.  However, I did buy a package of these to try out ASAP.  They. Look. Amazing.  (Side note: I've been a vegetarian for over a year now - crazy!!!)

Listening | Kevin and I went to see the musical Once with his parents last Thursday, and HOLY CRAP it was the best thing EVER.  I'm utterly obsessed with it, and I've been listening to the soundtrack on Spotify nonstop all week!  This video shows snippets of the 2013 tour - so wonderful!

Planning | What to do with my week and a half off of nannying!  My nanny girls are going on vacation until July 12 and so I get a nice, long stretch of time to just chill out :)  I can't wait to fill my time with lots of reading (I read two books yesterday...), walks with the dogs, friend and family time, etc.

Decorating | We're just finishing up the final touches on our new house - we just need to hang the last pieces of artwork on the walls.  I'm planning to paint some pieces for our bedroom and my "office" (aka hobby room, where I keep all of my music, painting, and language-learning stuff), but other than that, we're basically all settled!

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