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So, I've been a little busy this week...becoming an AUNT!!  I'm thrilled that my gorgeous niece, Elouise, has arrived - 2.5 weeks early, but healthy, happy, and perfect in every way.  Kevin and I have been snuggling her as much as we can.
 I think the look on my face says it all.  LOVE.
 Is this not the most perfect face you've ever seen?  I can't stop gazing at her.
Happy uncle and auntie doting on Elouise.

I'm probably going to continue being in and out of my blog for the rest of the summer - between spending tons of time with our sweet niece, nannying, continuing to settle our house, and enjoying the remainder of my summer, I've not really been wearing anything too special (like here, I'm literally wearing a chambray tunic and yoga crops...#fashionista).  BUT!  I promise I will pop back in here and there :)

[PS. Yes, I still love and use hashtags.]

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