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Monthly Goals | June

It's crazy to think we have already made it to June, y'all.  This year has been absolutely flying by, and I'm honestly not 100% sure how I feel about it.  I'm here to recap my May goals and to write out my goals for June as well!

Recap | May Goals
1. Go without candy for a month | I MADE IT!!!  Woo!  I'm so proud of myself!  Honestly, it wasn't even that difficult for me.  There were a few times that candy was made available to me, but I politely turned it down or just walked away from the temptation.  I didn't even miss candy this month.  I am actually going to try to go without candy in June as baby step closer to kicking this sugar addiction!

2. Try out a new lip color | I'm proud to say that I tried wearing different shades of my Burt's Bees tinted lip shimmers this month as well (you can see one of these instances here on my blog).  I'm so happy I picked up a few more shades of it - it's been a great way for me to feel like I'm spicing up my outfits a little bit with a pop of color on my lips!

3. Get back on my bike | Ughhh, I'm so disappointed that I didn't even put air in my bike tires this month!  I hate to bring this up, but I've been completely overwhelmed with life right now and although I know that exercising is a great way to reduce stress, I haven't had physical or emotional energy to do anything lately.  I absolutely will be riding my bike in June, however - there are tons of fantastic bike trails right by our new house, and I can't wait to explore them!

4. Catch up on reading blogs | I finally, finally, finally caught up on reading blogs this past weekend!  It feels so wonderful to have an empty reader - I can't even tell you!  I also took it a step further and cleared out some blogs from my reader, which has reduced the amount of posts to read and comment on.  I'm sure that in the next couple of weeks, I'll be less than great at keeping up with posts again (end of the school year, moving, etc.), but I'm going to give it a shot!

5. Work on Spanish skills | Got this one done as well!  I was able to finish one unit and begin another this month.  I love learning languages, and I'm really hoping to be able to spend some more time this summer working on my Spanish skills.  I'm anticipating sitting on our deck with the dogs frolicking in the backyard, sipping on some iced tea and practicing Spanish.  Doesn't that sound heavenly?  (#nerd)

June Goals
1. Get the new house all settled | Kevin and I are about to become homeowners, which means that we will be moving in the next couple of weeks.  I am so ready to get into the new house and make it our home.  Kevin and I picked out some paint chips this weekend, and I've been looking online at some other things to buy for the house as well (a stand for our TV, a dresser, matching end tables for the living room, a comforter for our bed...all things we don't have right now, haha).  It's going to be so exciting to finally put our things in the house after having dreamed of this for so long!!

2. Have friends over for games | Once we're all settled in our house, I want to have friends over for a game night!  All of our family and closest friends currently live in the Twin Cities/metro area, and our new house is in St. Paul.  We can't wait to be back where all of the people we love the most live, and be able to have them over for an evening of fun!  We haven't lived near our families or friends since we were in college (in St. Paul!)...which was 6 years ago for Kevin and 5 years ago for me.  So exciting!!

3. Look for (and hopefully buy?) a swimsuit | I recently tried on both of my swimsuits from last season and I about panicked.  I just don't feel comfortable or confident in either of the suits - in fact, I feel downright awful in them.  I'm nannying again this summer and the girls like to go swimming at the local pool, and it would be great if I could find a suitable suit (haha, see what I did there?) so that I can get in the water with them.

4. Make a dentist appointment | So...Kevin and I both have a little bit of dentist-phobia.  Between that and the fact that we move around a lot, we haven't been to the dentist in an embarrassingly long amount of time.  However, I know that it's important for me to get back to the dentist and take care of my teeth, so I am determined to make a dentist appointment this summer after we have moved!

5. Buy a Fitbit | My mom and dad gave me money to buy a Fitbit for my birthday, and I haven't actually gone out to buy it yet (yes, my birthday was in December...)!  I just wasn't 100% sure what kind I wanted and so I just never got around to buying it!  However, after doing some research and trying out my mother-in-law's old Fitbit for a week, I've decided that I'm going to buy the Fitbit Charge HR (in purple, obviously).  I can't wait to get it and start tracking my steps and activity!

What are your goals for June?

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