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I Love My Legs

There's three pictures of these outfit, and that's because my hair looks like crap in all of them, and I couldn't pick the least crappiest shot, haha!  But I loved this outfit, get crappy hair pictures ;)

 Dress: Old Navy [Top 10 item] | Cardigan: Target | Wedges: Skechers | Necklace: From my grandma

Bri's Third Thursday Threads for this month is bare legs!  After a long winter of pants, tights, and leggings, I love this time of year when I get to wear dresses and skirts with bare legs again.  Although this particular outfit is ridiculously simple, I absolutely love it.  This bright pink dress just begs to be worn with black and white, and I hadn't yet paired the dress with my herringbone cardigan.  Also, I'm starting to really appreciate these wedges a little bit more.  I've worn them three times already this spring, and I have several other outfits that I'd like to wear them with.  They're very comfortable, I can walk confidently in them, and the strap actually keeps them on my feet, too.  Plus, they make my legs look amazing.  Any shoes that make my legs look this good deserve a solid home in my closet ;)

I'm linking up with Bri for Third Thursday Threads.

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