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Tee + Jeans + Scarf: Target | Shoes: Converse [Top 10 item]

Things that are stressful:
  • The end of the school year, when you're a high school counselor.  Trying to get all your seniors through all of their classes so they can graduate is wicked stressful, and tricky for someone who's a bit of a control freak (aka ME).  I just know that I'm doing the best I can do without actually having to do things for my kiddos.
  • Buying a house.  Getting all the finances in order (omg so much paperwork), planning the actual move, preparing for closing, packing, etc...there is so much to do and think about!!
  • Being on an opposite time schedule from your partner.  Kevin's job is nearly and hour and a half from where we currently live, and he works overnights.  When he's done working, he sleeps at my parent's house (about 15 minutes from where he works), where the basement bedroom is nice and dark.  Thus, I don't see Kevin from Saturday evenings until Wednesday afternoons...and because he works nights, we are on opposite schedules as well.  It's like being in a long-distance relationship all over again!
Things that are downright overwhelming:
This is my life right now, y'all.  It's a big reason why I've been really inconsistent in my blogging - I just can't seem to get anything in control right now.  I love blogging and I miss posting here regularly and supporting all my blog friends' blogs, but with all the other junk I've got going on in my life, it's been hard for me to stay motivated and organized.  So...until things fall into place (which could really take a month or so...since we don't have a moving date yet...and I'll be starting my nanny job again in a couple of weeks), I'm going to be pretttty spotty around here.  Just a heads up.

As for today's outfit, this is one that I have worn multiple times now.  These white cropped jeans are so comfortable and I love how they feel on me.  They really freshen up any look - and make this neon pink tee stand out nicely.  Lightweight scarves like this floral one are my jam these days as well.  We've had several very cold, cloudy, rainy days in the past couple of weeks, and I love how a lightweight scarf can add another layer of warmth and coziness without being too bulky and seasonally inappropriate.

Thanks so much for sticking with me as I'm trying to sort out all the little pieces in my life!  I love y'all.

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