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Winter Capsule Showcase | 3 + Recap

Taking a vacation at the end of the month and not thinking ahead about blog posts can sometimes be freeing...but it also can mean that you have a lot of catching up to do upon your return.  The winter capsule I took part of over the past three months ended at the end of March, and I wanted to be sure to put together a recap and reflection post, complete with several collages of the outfits I wore over the past three months (I will never not be weirded out seeing so many pictures of me in one place).

Also, I'm totally borrowing the structure of this post from Anne, because I loved how she laid hers out...

Most worn items | Top: chambray shirt, leopard sweatshirt | Dress: navy tunic | Bottoms: skinny jeans, maroon leggings | Shoes: black boots (worn 22 times!), gray boots
Note: Most of my layers were worn the exact same amount, so I can't pick a most worn layer.

Least worn items | Top: black marled tunic | Layer: light pink cardigan, gray cardigan | Bottoms: black bootcut pants, black leggings | Shoes: multicolored boots
Note: Most of my dresses were worn the exact same amount, so I can't pick a least worn dress.

Favorite outfits | pink dress + black cardigan + patterned leggings + boots | gray dress + maroon cardigan + black tights + brown boots | chambray shirt + gray ponte pants + boots + gray scarf

Least favorite outfits | striped sweater + olive vest + gray leggings + boots | most outfits with the black bootcut pants

Cheats | I totally cheated towards the end of the capsule.  It warmed up quite a bit in March and I only included boots in my wardrobe.  I wound up wearing flats and sneakers a few days (although I never photographed those outfits).  Additionally, I did pull out my ankle pants and some other tops for the days that were in the 60s and 70s as well.

To donate | I'm getting rid of my striped sweater (it's just not that flattering on me at all), the gray striped tee (it shrunk - boooo), and the white swiss dot popover (which breaks my heart, but it has not held up well over time).  I also need to try and tailor my maroon jeans and gray ponte pants, as they're both too big for me and tend to slip off.  I really hope they can be taken in, because I love both pieces so much!

Biggest surprise | I am so happy I didn't get sick of my dresses - I was worried that I would regret having included 7 of them in my capsule, but I loved having them to switch up my looks!  Plus, I just really don't care for pants all that much (more on that below), so it was wonderful to have plenty of non-pants options.

Biggest mistake | The biggest mistake of this capsule was assuming that March was going to be as cold, wet, and snowy as the past two years and not including many options that were acceptable for warmer temps!

 Other capsule-related thoughts:

  • I really enjoyed dressing in a limited wardrobe for both the fall and the winter, but ultimately, I've decided that a capsule wardrobe isn't really for me.  I've done a great job of continuing to mix and match the items in my closet, but I don't like the feeling that I'm "neglecting" a huge chunk of what I have for a huge chunk of the year.
  • At the same time, though, I have loved that dressing in a capsule has really, really taught me that I don't need a ton of items in order to create diverse outfits for both work and weekend activities.  It also has been a great way for me to stay excited about my closet during this year of no shopping (only two months left, y'all!).
  • As I mentioned above, I feel most comfortable in dresses.  There's a reason that's the largest section of my closet - I love to wear them!  However, if I do wear pants, I feel most comfortable in skinny pants (especially ponte material) and slightly looser tops.  When I think about adding to my closet, dresses, skinny pants, and looser (but still structured) tops are what I think I'll be searching for most.
  • I do really like to dress in neutrals most of the time, but I'm so glad I included some more pops of color in this capsule.  And accessories really do make or break an outfit!  Going forward, I'm planning to focus on adding in colorful and patterned accessories to my closet to bring a little excitement to my mostly-neutral clothing items.  However, I have also realized that I love how I look in brighter pinks, deeper reds, and blues, so I may be looking for some more pieces in those colors to add to my closet down the road as well.

All in all, I think that dabbling in a capsule wardrobe was an excellent experiment for me.  I learned a lot more about being creative with my clothing, styling the same pieces for casual and work-appropriate outfits, getting great use out of my accessories, and yes - I even learned that it's okay to repeat outfits sometimes!

I'm linking up with Anne and Jacquelyn and the other capsule wardrobe-ers :)

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