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As I neared the end of my spring capsule (reflections to come soon), I knew I didn't want to do another round of a capsule wardrobe.  However, I love having some kind of "guidelines" to help me get dressed, so I started thinking about what else I could do that might help me put together inspiring outfits but that wouldn't be as restricting as a 30x30 or a 3-month capsule wardrobe.  I tossed around the idea of focusing on wearing neglected items in my closet, or looking at a certain number of items in my closet and incorporating one of those things into my outfit each day for a period of time.  When I heard of Sarah's Top 10 Remix Challenge, it was right along the same lines as what I had been envisioning, and I knew I wanted to dive right in.

The premise of the challenge is to select 10 items from your closet that are quintessentially you, and wear one of those items every day for the month of April.  Everything else in your closet is fair game, but you have to wear one of those 10 items in every outfit.  Pretty simple, but it provides that structure I was looking for :)

I set to work choosing my items.  I had no idea how hard it would be to find things in my closet that were definitive of my style.  I wanted to make sure I chose some items that were different from what I included in my recent capsule, and I didn't want to include any items that felt too obvious (like my chambray shirt, or a pair of dark wash skinny jeans).  The tricky part about it, though, is that those plainer items really do feel like my style.  I love basic items that I can dress up or down in all kinds of ways.  Ultimately, I did narrow down my list to include the following items:

I found it interesting that I had a much easier time choosing accessories and shoes that were definitively "me" than other clothing items.  I also thought it was interesting that almost everything I chose was neutral (with the exception of my pink dress and my coral cardigan).  I'm still very much in the process of figuring out what my style is - I'm getting much closer and have ideas of what I want it to be like...but just actually adding things to my closet that fit the style I have in mind is tricky right now (still holding pretty strong with my shopping freeze, too!).

I'm eager to see how the month goes with these clothing items.  I feel excited to create outfits with these favorite items and I'm ready to get my creative juices flowing again!

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