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Shorty Dress + Heels (!!)

Dress: Target | Leggings: Old Navy | Boots: Payless | Necklace: J. Crew [Top 10 item]

This dress is so comfortable - it's made out of a lightweight sweatshirt material, which means it's cozy and perfect.  I like that it's casual enough to wear on weekends but also acceptable to wear to work.  The only thing is that it totally shrunk up in the wash - bummer!  Thank goodness for thick leggings so I can still wear it to work, haha.  Also, these ankle boots are so, so comfortable, and I am shocked I haven't worn them more.  They have a little heel, which is pretty "out there" for me, but they're from the Comfort Plus line at Payless, which means they're totally wearable, even for a non-heels wearer.  I'd like to try to find another pair of shoes with a slight heel or wedge from this line that I can wear when I'm wanting a little extra height.  I love the chunky heel on this pair, but this pair comes in so many fun colors and prints (I love the leopard and the bright pink especially)!  Have any of you tried out any of these Comfort Plus heels from Payless?  Will I fall over if I attempt to wear these heels??

And for your viewing pleasure, here are a ton of outtakes from this photo sesh.  Kevin always snaps the most awkward photos of me!
Not ready at all.
I look like a toddler.
"I feel awkward - please stop taking my picture now."
I think Kevin needs to start walking outside before me.  Nearly every time we take pictures, there is at least one butt shot photo like this.

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