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Outfit Photos!!!

Shirt: Old Navy [Top 10 item] | Jeans: Lauren Conrad via Kohls | Shoes: TOMS | Necklace: Simonson's Jewelry

Y'all, let's be real for a hot minute.  I haven't taken outfit photos in ages.  It's been too dark to take my photos in our entry way, as I did for most of the winter, but I've also had some troubles getting pictures taken outside as well.  This past weekend, Kevin and I had a photo session in which I had him photograph a handful of my recent outfits.  It felt great to actually get some pictures taken so I can share them with you all again.

In addition to taking outfit photos this weekend, I did a lot of reading (I finished reading Wicked and started the sequel, Son of a Witch) and Netflixing (I finished season 10 of Grey's Anatomy and began watching Once Upon a Time).  I commented on a ton of blogs, which felt great as well.  I'm still not caught up, but I'm certainly getting closer!  Oh!  And I cleaned and organized my closet, as you may have seen on my Instagram.  I did an updated closet inventory in the process - any interest in seeing where my closet stands nowadays?

Okay, on to the details of today's outfit.  I wore this right when I got back from my trip to Charlotte, and found it to be a great spring break outfit.  We were lucky enough to have some beautiful days over spring break, so cuffed jeans and my comfy black marled tunic fit the bill for a day of hanging out at home.  I still absolutely love these gray TOMS - they are lined with corduroy which keeps my tootsies warm :)  And I really want to add some more pendant-style necklaces to my collection.  This one gets quite a lot of wear these days, so I'm on the hunt for a couple more, preferably one that is all silver, cobalt blue, or pink.  I'm probably going to sit down and peruse the options at Forever 21 one of these days - they always have a great affordable jewelry selection!

Look at that super cute blinky face.  Insta-derp.

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