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One Year Later...

Dress + Leggings: Old Navy | Cardigan: TJ Maxx [Top 10 item] | Boots: Target | Necklace: From my mom

Whoops!  I forgot to press "publish" on this yesterday...I had my post typed up and then I pressed "save," without scheduling or publishing the post.  Doh!

So the outfit that I'm wearing here?  I've already worn it before with my black wedges - just over a year ago, actually.  I wore this outfit when I interviewed for my current job.  I loved the outfit so much that I decided to wear it again, now a year later.  It's crazy to think about how much can change over the course of a year.  This time last year, I was stressed out about finding a job and not having any idea about where life would take me.  I was looking for jobs all over Minnesota, but also in other states.  I wasn't sure if I was ready for a school counseling job.

Now, a year later, I'm in such a fantastic spot.  I am working a job that I adore.  Kevin and I are in the process of buying our first house.  Kevin has a full-time job that he loves.  We're going to become and aunt and uncle.  I feel confident and capable in the work that I do.  I'm happier in my life than I ever thought possible.  I'm secure in who I am as a person and as a professional.  I'm making friends.

I love being a reflective person - it's so cool to look back to where I've been and see the growth I've made over the course of a year.  It's a pretty great life.

And here's a super happy picture.  Kevin makes me laugh :)

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