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Dress + Cardigan + Scarf [Top 10 item]: Old Navy | Flats: TOMS

Happy Monday!  I'm still battling this gross virus that knocked me out all last week - the cough and inability to taste or smell just won't go away!  Oh well.  At least I've been able to get dressed and participate in the world around me a little bit...and I'm really glad to be back at work, too!

I'm wearing this dress, which I'm fairly certain 90% of my blog friends have as well (I also have it in black, which you can see on the blog here).  If you don't have it yet in at least one color, I highly recommend you place an order...I can't sing its praises enough.  It's soft and stretchy and practically perfect in every way (like Mary Poppins).

This particular outfit is one that I've worn a couple of times already.  I first wore it back in March on the airplane ride home from Charlotte.  I always want to be comfortable on an airplane, but I also don't like to feel like a high school student wearing leggings and a sweatshirt, ha.  This dress feels like pajamas but looks pretty nice, and with the addition of a scarf and cardigan for extra warmth on the plane, I felt like a million bucks for my flight home.  A couple of weeks later, I wore this outfit again to work, and I loved it for that setting as well.  I'm going to try to not just wear this outfit (or a similar version of it) on repeat all spring and summer...that would make for one boring blog, haha.

We got caught taking photos...awkward!

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