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$2 Tee

Tee: Target | Cardigan + Jeans: Old Navy | Shoes: TOMS [Top 10 item] | Necklace: Eclectic Wendy Designs

First of all, Kevin wanted me to let you all know that he's sorry for looking like such a scrub in these outfit photos (see the reflection??).  When you're not the subject of the photos, you can wear a hoodie and athletic shorts ;)

Okay but seriously, let's talk about this outfit for a sec.  As I sorted through my closet a month or so ago, I realized that I had a grand total of FOUR short-sleeved tees, and two of them were plain white.  WHAT?!  Not acceptable for the spring and summer.  Although I'm still trying to hold strong to not shopping, I really can't get through an entire spring and summer with only four short-sleeved tees.  So...I made a pit stop in the clothing section at Target as I was shopping for toilet paper and Ben & Jerry's (don't judge me) and happened to find a huge shelf of tees for $2 apiece.  Obviously, I needed to pick some up, so I wound up buying five of them, for a total of $10.  I mean, they practically begged to be taken home, right?  This blue printed tee was one of the lucky shirts, and I really like it.  It's a little different from the other things in my closet, but because it's blue (one of the two non-neutral colors that I have in my closet anymore...), it fits right in.  I can already tell it will get worn a ton - with cuffed jeans and a cardigan as I did here, or with denim shorts and sandals as it gets warmer outside.

Also, this ridiculous picture was way too funny to not include.  Seriously, I can't stop laughing at it.  WHAT IS THAT FACE?!  Hahahahahahaha

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