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Picky Patterns

Dress + Cardigan + Scarf: Old Navy | Tights: Target | Boots: Bare Traps

I don't have a ton in my closet that's printed/patterned.  I tend to be very picky about the types of patterns I like.  I don't like abstract patterns or overly huge patterns, but I also don't like tiny, dainty patterns either.  I tend to be a precise person, so I like patterns that are regular/predictable (if that makes sense).  Hence, most of the patterns in my closet are stripes, with the occasional leopard print or floral print tossed in there.  This dress is definitely going to remain a staple in my closet, though.  Not only is it very versatile with the black and white stripes and the 3/4 sleeves that can work for a wide range of weather conditions, but it's a little bit unique with the narrower and wider stripes.  I've often accented the dress with red, but I kept it neutral this  time around.  To bring a little added interest, I added my leopard print scarf (stripes + leopard print are about as adventurous as I'll get with pattern-mixing).  It's a simple outfit, but one I felt great in.

I'm super excited to wear this dress in other ways as the weather warms up.  I'm thinking it would look great with some flats and a pendant necklace, or with sandals and a colored belt.

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