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March | Monthly Goals

Recap | February Goals
1. Give myself a pedicure | Okay, so I kind of did this.  I took off my old, chipped nail polish, soaked my feet in the tub, got rid of my calluses, trimmed and filed my nails...and then didn't paint my toenails.  I've been having a hard time finding a chunk of time to paint my nails and let them dry, because a) I've been super busy, and b) it's really cold and I have my feet stuffed in slippers whenever I'm at home.  For now, I'm considering this a win, though, because my feet feel soft and pampered! :)

2. Purchase my plane ticket to Charlotte | Wooo!  I'm so excited to finally have booked my flight - I'm going to be in Charlotte for five days at the start of my spring break!  24 more days until we're reunited...time to start making a packing list, I think!

3. Make homemade pizza with Kevin | I'm not much of a cook, but I'd love to start pushing myself to be more adventurous and become more confident in the kitchen.  I made this recipe for homemade pesto focaccia pizza, and I'm super excited that it turned out so well!  I was a little bit worried about the crust (homemade pizza crust is tricky), but it was delicious!  We had plenty of leftovers and enjoyed it for several days.

4. Get our taxes done | Whew - we were able to get our taxes done this month...and we're getting a huge refund!  We'll be putting the entire thing in our savings account to put towards a down payment on a house!!  Lots of exciting things happening in our lives these days :)

5. Finish a painting | What the heck?!  I don't understand how I didn't force myself to sit down and finish my painting this whole month!  I'm such a loser.  I am completely determined to finish this painting during the month of March, though - I have some free time this weekend and I fully intend on spending an afternoon with my paints and canvas!

All in all, I finished 4/5 goals for the month of February, and I assure you that that painting will get done in the next week!

March Goals
1. Create a blogging schedule for the month and stick to it | I have really been struggling with blogging over the past several months.  It's not that I'm disinterested in it...but there are a lot of things that have prevented me from posting regularly.  The weather is totally bumming me out and messing with my ability to take outfit photos, my computer is still on the fritz and I haven't been able to use Kevin's, and I'm trying to spend less time on the computer in general.  I really want to start being more consistent on the blog this month by posting regularly, coming up with worthwhile things to write about, joining in with linkups, and participating in various challenges.

2. Make a trip to the library | I've been reading Watership Down for the past several weeks, which is really annoying.  I typically am a fast reader, especially when it's a book that I'm really interested in.  I'm not really enjoying this book very much at all, but I also hate quitting a book in the middle.  I'm halfway through with this one and have so many books that I'm super excited to read that I'd like to check out from the library.  I'm hoping that this goal will not only help me be motivated to finally finish Watership Down but also to utilize our local library a little bit more!

3. Take Pippin and Rooney to the dog park | Kevin got a new job (woo!), but it is over an hour away from where we currently live.  He works overnight shifts at a homeless youth shelter and sleeps during the days at my parent's house (they live 15 minutes from his new job) during the days that he works.  This means that I'm alone with the dogs on those days...which also means that they're home alone a lot.  We're in the thick of course registration for next school year, so I've had a lot of meetings and things in the afternoons and evenings, and our poor dogs are going a little stir crazy.  I want to start taking them to our dog park a little more frequently so they can wrestle and run and burn off some energy!  Plus, it will help get me out of the house and get some fresh air!

4. Meet with the bank about buying a house | Kevin and I are 100% city people, and have been living in rural Minnesota/Iowa since before we were married.  It's time we get back to the city - especially because Kevin is now working in Minneapolis!  We've been looking at a ton of houses to buy in Minneapolis (!!), but we need to get a better understanding of what we can afford and talk with a banker about the process of buying a home first.  [I'm still planning on keeping my current job and commuting to work from the city - opposite traffic, woo!!]

5. Begin 30 Days of Yoga | I recently found Adriene on YouTube and have really enjoyed doing her yoga videos.  She's kind of a dork and I like that she finds humor in her yoga practice.  I'm feeling very committed to getting my body back in shape and making daily activity a priority, and one thing I would love to complete over the next couple of months is her 30 Days of Yoga series.  I've already done the first day and find it so great for my mind and body.  I'd like to get through at least a third of the series during March!

Do you have any goals you'd like to accomplish this month?

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