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Four Things Friday | 7

Top: Gap | Pants: Simply Vera | Boots: Target | Scarf: Kohl's

This simple outfit is one that I wore back when the temperatures were hovering around 30-40 degrees several weeks ago (yes, I'm very, very behind on blogging, haha!).  I needed a little lightness in my outfit, so I wore my favorite gray ponte pants and black boots with this much-loved swiss dot popover and a pink scarf.  It's nothing special, but it certainly worked.

In my Four Things Friday post last week, I talked about foods I don't eat.  Today, I'm talking about four of my favorite foods!

Raspberries | I'm a huge fan of fruit - I'll basically eat any fruit, but raspberries take the cake for me.  I LOVE THEM.  I like that they're sweet, but not too sweet.  I like how they can be eaten in so many ways: in yogurt, smoothies, scones, cakes, with chocolate, or my favorite way, which is just plain.  I pop them like candy, haha!  Plus, they're one of the cutest fruits out there.

Tacos | I've always loved Mexican food.  Kevin and I make tacos every single week - they're so delicious, and easy to make.  There is always a lot of leftover black beans when we make tacos, too, so generally it means we can have leftover tacos (also delicious) or make nachos with the beans.  A close second favorite Mexican food is a plain old quesadilla (especially with spinach!).

Brownies | Okay, there had to be a sweet treat in here somewhere.  I used to not really be much of a chocolate eater, but I have come to really appreciate a good brownie.  And while I generally prefer homemade versions of baked goods, I actually really like boxed brownies.  They're easy to whip up, and they always have the perfect flaky crust on the top (which for me, is the best part about brownies).  And for the record, I much prefer girl brownies (no nuts) and brownies without frosting...although I'll eat any brownie that comes my way :)

Chips + dip | This might be super vague and a bit of a cop out answer, but I'm going with it anyway.  Whenever I'm at a party or social gathering, if there's a bowl of tortilla chips and any kind of dip nearby, you can bet I'll be filling my plate with copious amounts of chips + dip.  I'm not super picky about the dip - it could be salsa, guacamole, queso name it, I'll probably eat it.  If I'm being super honest, sometimes I'll just eat chips + dip for an entire meal.  It's just that good.

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