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Four Things Friday | 6

Dress + Tights + Boots: Target | Cardigan: Old Navy | Scarf: Gift

I just really love this marled dress...and of all the ways I've worn it before, I think this is my favorite.  I like how the light pink cardigan and gray knit scarf soften the overall look.  I'm really excited to wear the dress this summer without a cardigan or tights, too.  I think it could look cute with my olive utility vest and some flats or sandals.

For today's Four Things Friday, here are four things I don't eat.

Ketchup and mustard | I am one of those strange people who absolutely detests most condiments.  The worst offenders are ketchup and mustard (with mustard being the absolute pinnacle of nasty).  My world completely opened up to me when I realized I could order a plain cheeseburger in my McDonald's Happy Meal when I was young, so that I didn't have to eat the nasty chicken nuggets every time.  Every so often, I'll try dipping my fries in ketchup (I really do want to like it and be normal, ha!!), but I really just can't stomach it at all.  Mustard, however, I can never try - I hate everything about it...the way it looks like baby poop, the way it smells, the taste, blech!  It's the worst flavor.  [By the way, I typically only like Italian dressing, some Caesar dressings, a small amount of French dressing, and barbecue sauce.  All other condiments are dead to me.]

Meat | I've been a complete vegetarian for about 9 months now.  Getting to that point was a bit of a journey for me.  I honestly didn't eat all that much meat in the first place after Kevin and I got married (he's been a vegetarian for about 10 years so I never made it), so it wasn't an entirely inconvenient decision for us as a couple (in fact, it made things a lot easier on us!).  I had considered vegetarianism for awhile, for environmental reasons, health reasons, animal rights reasons, etc., but it wasn't until last June that I read a book that really convinced me to take the plunge into vegetarianism.  Honestly, I haven't considered going back to eating meat at all.  [And I will never be high and mighty about my choice to eat vegetarian - I think it's rude when people analyze my own choices regarding to my diet, so I will never do that to another person.  It's such an individual choice!]

Movie theater popcorn | Dang, smells so damn delicious, but I just can't eat it.  I'm going to leave this short and sweet...but I have a remarkably sensitive digestive system, and let's just say that movie theater popcorn does not agree with me at all.  [I could have written the same thing about Chinese food, too - so delicious, but it makes me feel like crap...and yes, I used the word "crap" intentionally here, hahaha.]

Most raw veggies |  Call me crazy, but I think that most raw veggies taste like dirt (literally).  I hate the crunch and how you have to chew approximately 392 times for each bite in order to swallow them.  Because I dislike condiments (see above), I'm not the kind of person who can mask the gross dirt flavor with any kind of dip.  However, I really like most cooked, steamed, roasted, etc. vegetables.  Green beans, carrots, and broccoli are my favorites!

What are some of the foods you don't eat?

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