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Sweatshirt + Jeans: Old Navy | Clogs: Sanita | Scarf: Gift

Here's a nice, easy outfit for a weekend.  This leopard sweatshirt is hands down one of my favorite things in my closet - I love how it fits me and it's SO soft!  I like that I can even get away with wearing it to work, too!  These flare jeans are pretty great as well.  I'm excited for the springtime so I can wear them with ballet flats and sneakers.

Dreaming | I've been doing a whole lot of dreaming about home improvement projects...for a house we don't even have yet... [can you tell I'm just a little bit excited about the idea of buying a house?!]

Planning | I mentioned on Monday that one of my goals for this month is to get a blogging schedule or calendar set up and stick to it!  I've been making some plans for what I want to put on my blog as well as setting aside time to put some posts together.

Making | Lots of salads for lunches!  I'm pretty boring and eat basically the same thing for lunch every day: a salad (lettuce, red cabbage, carrots, croutons, and Italian dressing), string cheese, a banana, and a Greek yogurt.  Delicious and filling...and not all that unhealthy :)

Baking | Oh goodness, I haven't baked in a while!  I have all the ingredients to make some pumpkin muffins, though...I may make some yet this week.

Watching | Lately, I've been catching up on the previous season of Grey's Anatomy when Kevin's been away.  When he's home, we have been watching The Walking Dead (OMG I LOVE IT).  I've also been rewatching some of my favorite YouTube videos and catching up on videos on some of my favorite channels (such as PsychoSoprano, MirandaSings, Superfruit, Pentatonix, Lennon & Maisy, and The Tonight Show).

I'm linking up with Jenna and Anne for the Currently linkup!

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