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Pink Dress Happiness

Dress / Cardigan: Old Navy | Tights / Boots: Target | Scarf: Gift

I can't help but love this dress, y'all.  It's such a fun, bright color, and I love how it looks on me.  With all the neutral-colored layers I have, I don't think I'll ever run out of ways to style it, either!  This scarf is one of my favorites and I think it looks pretty great with this dress, too.  Wearing this outfit just made me feel happy, what can I say?

This week is kind of insane.  In addition to not getting to see Kevin all that much during the week, I'm also juggling all kinds of work conflicts.  Last night, we had conferences at school, so I didn't get home until nearly 8:00.  Tomorrow and Thursday, I'm helping to facilitate two events at the local community college for some of our multicultural students and their families (giving them information about college).  We're getting close to registration for next school year, so the craziness is just getting started (in a couple of weeks, I have a school day that goes from 7:30 am to 10:00 pm - yikes!).  Ohhh, the life of a high school counselor!! ;) 

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