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Four Things Friday | 3

Tunic / Scarf: Gift | Leggings: Old Navy | Boots: Target

Four movies I've watched more than once:

Sixteen Candles | I first saw this movie when I was in junior high, and I thought it was so funny (and I felt like such a badass watching it because there was swearing and naked boobs, haha).  I've always had a bit of a crush on Farmer Ted (I love nerdy men, what can I say?), and Molly Ringwald is just fantastic.  Some of my favorite parts include: "What's a-happenin', hot stuff?," the look on Sam's face when her grandma feels her up, John and Joan Cusack (I mean, really...they're phenomenal), the opening sequence (so 80's!!), and Ginny on muscle relaxers at her wedding.

My Big Fat Greek Wedding | I have been utterly in love with this movie for years.  I remember when it was in the movie theaters, I saw it 5 TIMES (yes, that is excessive).  It still remains one of my all-time favorite movies - it's so freaking funny.  I love John Corbett so much, and all of Tula's crazy family members crack me up.  I quote this movie constantly.  Now that Kevin and I are both vegetarian, I say, "What do you mean, you don't meat...?" probably on a weekly basis (people are really weirded out about us being vegetarian, it's so strange).  And I love that Joey Fatone is in the movie too.  NSYNC 4EVER!

Monster's Inc | Is there a person in the world who doesn't love this movie?  I'm not sure about it.  I'm a complete diehard Pixar fan (Finding Nemo and The Incredibles almost made this list...), but Monster's Inc is a movie that has stuck with me for years.  I love that Pixar makes their movies enjoyable for children, but also for adults.  I have found that I experience this movie differently now that I am an adult than I did when I first saw it as a teen, and I really appreciate that about Pixar.  I find the characters to all be so interesting and funny...Roz cracks me up ("I'm watching you, Wazowski...always watching...") and I'm a long-time Billy Crystal fan.  Boo is one of the cutest movie characters of all time (and I cry every.single.time at the end of the movie when Mike and Sully leave her for the last time).  Fun fact: I had two lunch boxes in high school, and they were both Monster's Inc themed.  Also, I had more than one Monster's Inc tee-shirts from the Disney Store that I wore all the time in high school and college.  I was obsessed.

Superbad | this movie is totally raunchy and inappropriate, but there's a huge part of me that's also raunchy and inappropriate, so naturally, I love this movie.  I haven't watched it since college (5+ years ago!), but it still has made a mark on me.  I adore Michael Cera (he's so awkward and funny and weird) and the character of McLovin kills me.  I remember watching Superbad with my college roommates allll the time.  We would all have dinner together, go back to our room, and work on homework while watching a movie.  Superbad was one that was on constant rotation for these evenings (along with High School Musical 2, Phantom of the Opera, Pirates of the Caribbean, The Notebook, and any Harry Potter movie - diverse tastes or what??).  So not only does the movie itself make me laugh, but it also has a lot of happy memories for me.

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