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Four Things Friday | 2

Dress / Leggings: Old Navy | Jacket: Levi's | Scarf: Kohls | Boots: Target

Four jobs I have had:

Church receptionist | As a high school student, I worked a couple of Sunday mornings a month at my church as a receptionist.  I really liked the job because I got to talk to a lot of really cute old people, I got to count the money for the offering (I've always really liked counting money...perhaps I should have been an accountant, ha!), and I got to do my homework and get paid for it.  Perfect job for a high schooler!

Teacher's assistant at a daycare | For four summers in high school and college, I was a teacher's assistant at the early childhood center at my church.  It was such a fun job!  I spent two years in the infant room, one year in the 15-26-month room (my favorite!!), and one year in the 2-3-year-old room.  I got to snuggle babies and toddlers, sing songs, dance around, and coordinate activities for all the different age groups (I'd float around to the 3-4-year-old room and the pre-K room as well, which was pretty great, too).  Some of the babies I had during my first year in the infant room are now 11-years-old, which is pretty crazy!!

Orientation leader | For two years in college, I worked (aka lived and breathed) in new student orientation.  My first year as an orientation leader, I led a group of 16 first-year students through our college's 3-day orientation and then served as their mentor and resource during their first semester in college.  My second year, I was hired as one of the student orientation coordinators, so I spent the entire school year working closely with 3 professional staff members at my university to plan for orientation and hire and train our staff of orientation leaders.  The supervisors I had during my time as a student orientation coordinator continue to be some of the most influential people in my life (one of them even officiated mine and Kevin's wedding)!

College admissions counselor | In addition to working at the daycare and in orientation, I worked in the admission office at my university for all 4 years of college.  I loved working in admissions and orientation so much that I decided to pursue a career in higher education.  I was hired as an admissions representative at a community college in Iowa before I graduated from college and began working there just a month after graduating.  It was such a great experience!  In traveling all around the Midwest to various college fairs and high schools and having conversations with 65+ high school counselors over the course of my two years in that position, I decided that instead of pursuing a career in higher education, however, I wanted to work directly with high school students and help them figure out what they wanted to do after high school.  I loved my admissions job for so many reasons, but first and foremost, it led me to my true passion, school counseling.

What kinds of jobs have you had?

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