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February | Monthly Goals

During the first week in January, I posted that I would be documenting some little monthly goals on my blog to help me feel like I'm always improving and working on things (including the items on my 30 before 30 list).  Here is a little recap of my January goals, as well as the 5 things I'd like to accomplish in February.

Recap | January Goals
1. Do something active at least 2x each week - This goal was probably the loftiest goals, because I don't really like exercising and will basically do anything I can to avoid it (ugh, what a terrible habit).  But, I am proud to say that I did try to be active this month.  I tried pilates (ouch, I have no core strength!!), I walked on the treadmill at my parents' house when I went to visit them a week or so ago, I did a yoga video (yesssss, I love it!), and I did have a few more dance parties.  So, no, I did not really accomplish my goal of being active 2x each week, but I did try to incorporate more activity into my life.

2. Finish reading Wallbanger - Done!  I finished the book during the second week of January, and I also happened to read all of Gone Girl this month as well!  (Oh, and then I immediately went to Target and bought the DVD so I could watch it with Kevin.)

3. Put thank you notes in the mail - Done!  It felt great to get them off of our kitchen counter and in the mailboxes of our loved ones.  And I got a text from my grandma thanking us for the lovely note, which was great.  It made me feel good that the thank you note brightened her day!

4. Have a game night with a friend/friends - Done...ish?  One of my coworkers was hospitalized with pneumonia in the middle of January, and I volunteered to keep her company a couple of weekends ago while she was back at home recovering.  We planned to play games, but we actually wound up just watching chick flicks and chatting for 7 hours!  The games sat on the dining room table, but we're hoping to have another actual game night (where we play games) again!!  We are putting it on the calendar in the next couple of weeks.

5. Take a day off work - Done!  I took the last Tuesday of January off, and let me tell you, it was a glorious day.  I spent the morning at Ikea with my mom, snuggled my cousin's 2-month-old son for 4 hours in the afternoon, and had an impromptu dinner with my parents, my brother and his girlfriend, and Kevin that evening at The Freehouse in Minneapolis.  It was SUCH a good day - much needed for my mental health!

All in all, I felt it was a pretty good start to my monthly goals.  I got some "tasky" things done, worked on my health, and had some fun as well.  Not too shabby!

February Goals
1. Give myself a pedicure | I'm one of those people who really likes to have her toenails painted.  I get really weirded out by the look of my unpainted toenails (I know, it's weird), so I try to keep them painted all year round.  However, I painted my toenails (poorly, I might add) right before Christmas, and the polish is all chipped and ugly right now.  I'd like to sit down one evening this month and pamper myself with a nice pedicure.

2. Purchase my plane ticket to Charlotte | I've locked down the dates I'm going to fly out to Charlotte to hang out with my best friend and her family, which is super exciting.  Now all I need to do is buy my plane ticket!  I can't wait to have that part done and be able to officially begin the countdown :)

3. Make homemade pizza with Kevin | Kev and I found this great food blog called Budget Bytes, and I'm utterly in love with it.  Over winter break, I sat down and looked through every single vegetarian recipe on the blog and wound up pinning tons of them to my food board on Pinterest.  I'm notorious for pinning recipes and then never giving them a shot, so this month, I really want to try this recipe for a homemade pesto focaccia pizza.  Ohhh my gosh, it looks so good!

4. Get our taxes done | Last year, Kevin and I filed our own taxes, and it was so slick!  We'd like to try it out again this year...we just need to sit down and complete them.  The preparation (printing W-2s and student loan statements, gathering all of our forms, etc.) is the worst part, so I'd like to get that part out of the way sooner than later, and then Kevin and I can file the taxes and see what kind of a tax return we'll get this year!

5. Finish a painting | I started a painting way back in September or October that I'm planning to hang in my office at school...but it has sat unfinished in our house for months.  I keep putting "finish painting" on my to-do list nearly every weekend, but I haven't actually done any more work on it!  I would really like to just finish it once and for all and hang it in my office so I have some more artwork in there.

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