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Dress: Target | Cardigan / Leggings: Old Navy | Boots: Fergalicious | Necklace: Gift

It's another installment of the Currently linkup with Anne and Jenna!

Hearting | These maroon leggings (even though they don't really look maroon in the picture above...).  They're one of those things in my closet that I wear almost immediately after putting them back on the shelf after laundry day.  I love how thick and warm they are, and they are a great way to incorporate color into my capsule wardrobe (which is mostly in the white + gray + black family).

Reading | I've been making great progress with the book Beautiful Boy.  My coworker plopped it on my lap a couple of weeks ago when I was at her house and said, "You should read this, and when you're done, let's talk about it."  It's a memoir written by a man whose son struggled with an addiction to methamphetamine, and what the experience was like for him as a father and their family as a whole.  So far, I'm finding the book to be fascinating.  I work with students who are struggling with substance use/abuse/dependency themselves, or who have family members with addictions, and the book is giving me interest insights to one parent's account of what it's like to have a child with a drug addiction.

Pinning | As I mentioned in my post on Monday, I recently pinned a ton of recipes from the food blog Budget Bytes.  I can't wait to start actually making some of these recipes!  I've also been pinning some shaggy/wavy hairstyles lately.  As you can tell, I've been growing my hair out from the very short pixie I had for about 9 months.  It's been a bit of a long process, but I'm really glad to be out of the awkward phase now.  My goal throughout the grow-out process has been to always look like I have a hairstyle, instead of the gross mullet phase that many women experience during the Great Pixie Grow-Out.  I'm now waiting for the back and top layers of my hair to reach the same length as the sides so that I can have a hairstyle that looks more like this or this.  I have quite a bit of natural wave to my hair, and I am dying to try it out when I have more of a true bob!

Eating | I recently re-tried Greek yogurt after a very negative first experience with the stuff (it was plain and I was expecting vanilla - YUCK - so tangy and gross), and I have to say, I am now hooked.  I don't eat meat, so I love that Greek yogurt gives me extra protein, and I also like that it's not super laden with additional sugars and food coloring either.  My go-to flavor is raspberry (and Chobani is my favorite brand so far), but I recently tried grape (a new flavor by Chobani), and I loooved it.  I'm a sucker for anything grape-flavored, but I've never had grape yogurt before so I was a little bit skeptical.  But seriously, it was so good.  I need to head back to Target and buy some more!

Anticipating | The birth of my first niece/nephew!  Kevin's brother and his wife told the family on Christmas Eve that they're having a baby, and we're finally allowed to officially let the cat out of the bag now!  I've been dying to become an aunt for years now, and I'm so thrilled that I can add "Auntie Brynn" to my list of nicknames in August!  Any tips from any of you for a first-time aunt??

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