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The Last of 2014

Tunic: J. Jill | Leggings: Old Navy | Boots: Guess | Scarf: Gift

Happy 2015, friends!  I hope you all had a safe, happy New Year's Eve, and that the beginning of your new year has been good so far (you know, all two days of it...).  Kevin and I spent the evening watching That 70s Show (can't stop won't stop watching it).  We're not really party animals at all, and we don't really have any friends in the town we live in (it's fine...), so we decided to take it easy as we rang in the new year.  Did any of you do anything fun and exciting for NYE?

Before I begin showing my winter capsule outfits on the blog, I have one last outfit from 2014 that I wanted to post.  Surprise, surprise - another tunic + leggings + boots + scarf outfit!  I can't help it that I love this formula so much, haha.  It just works for me.  I'm trying to branch out in my winter capsule outfits, however, which is why I only included one tunic in my items.  This outfit was a nice, sunny option for the cold, dreary weather we have been having in Minnesota over the past month or so.

I still feel like I need to come up with a much better way to photograph my outfits and get blogging again.  I've been in a weird blogging funk for several months - like, it comes and goes in waves.  I think having a geriatric computer (it's 6+ years old) certainly doesn't help, as it's incredibly slow and crashes all the time.  I still love blogging, but it gets really hard to do on my crappy old computer, haha.  Plus, with the lack of sunshine lately, I haven't had great lighting in our entryway to take my pictures.  I may be recruiting Kevin to take a few outfits photos for me in the coming months (at least until I can start taking my own outdoors again in the mornings as the days get longer...), but who knows.  Please bear with me as I (still) figure out the best way to photograph my outfits!

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