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Suck It, Winter.

Top: Target | Cardigan: Old Navy | Pants: Daisy Fuentes | Shoes: Sanita | Scarf: Gift

Winter weather can suck it.  Last week (when I wore this outfit), we had a two-hour delay due to -40 degree windchills one day, followed by a one-hour early release due to a blizzard.  The winds from the blizzard blew the snow into huge drifts all over our town, which resulted in me getting super stuck in a drift for a very, very long time on Friday morning.  Gross.  Why do I live here again?!

Despite needing to dress in layers for the extreme cold, I always strive to add some flair to my outfits so that I don't just look like a super bundled-up, miserably cold person, haha.  I really liked wearing this outfit - the long-sleeved shirt + cardigan kept my torso warm, and this awesome gray knit infinity scarf kept my neck toasty as well. [Is it just me, or do you find your body temperature much more toasty when you're wearing a scarf?  They're the best thing about winter!!]

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