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Pink + Black + A Weekend Recap

Dress / Cardigan: Old Navy | Leggings / Boots: Target | Scarf: Gift

What a weekend!  I wound up working three shifts at my second job, which made the weekend as a whole just blow by.  I was able to get some reading, cleaning, and baking done, however, as well as watch another half of a season of Parenthood.  I can't stop, y''s a problem!  I just really love this show, haha!  One thing I didn't do a lot of?  Sitting on my computer, which means I'm still behind on commenting on blogs.  Oh well, I'll get caught up someday, right??

I completely adore today's outfit, by the way.  I wore it last Monday (I'm about a week behind on posting outfits, by the way...) for my first day back to school after winter break.  I love black and pink together, and when I got this dress, I immediately thought about pairing it with my black + pink patterned leggings.  For an additional layer of warmth, I wrapped this incredibly warm and cozy scarf (made by my coworker and given to me for Christmas) around my neck.  I just really like how everything in this outfit ties together - so cozy and comfortable!!  [I'm also really loving how long my hair looks here - grow, hair, grow!!]

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