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New: Year, Capsule, Scarf, Photographer, Side Job

Dress / Leggings: Old Navy | Boots / Belt: Target | Scarf: Birthday gift

Woo!  My first outfit of my winter capsule!  I feel like I started the capsule experience strong with this outfit.  I love this dress because it's great on its own, but if you add some colorful accessories, it looks even better!  I received this gorgeous scarf from one of my coworkers for my birthday, and I absolutely love it.  The colors are stunning and fit so nicely into my closet (black, tan, maroon, rust, purple), and I've been wanting some cozier, winter-appropriate scarves for awhile now (most of the scarves I currently have are lighter and flowier, and thus much more appropriate for spring and summer).

The belt was a last-minute addition to my outfit.  I started an additional part-time job at a clothing store over my winter break to give us some extra "fun money," and we have to wear a headset.  I was going to wear this outfit sans belt, but realized I had nothing to clip my headset to, so that's where the belt came into play.  In addition to being functional, I loved how the belt tied the maroon from my leggings and scarf together.

I mentioned in my last post that I was having trouble taking photos in our entryway due to the absence of sunshine, so I asked Kevin to take my photos for me this day.  As usual, when he takes my photos, I get goofy in front of the camera, which, coupled with the wind, made for some funny bloopers:
 All I can think of when I see this face is the 40-Year-Old Virgin movie poster.
 This is so awkward, I can't stand it, haha!  I look like I'm trying to pass off a fart as dainty.
I talk with my hands a ton...I also have crazy hair.
Last time I wore this dress, many of you requested a detail shot of the fabric on my dress.  I attempted to get a good picture of it this time, but with the dark fabric, it was kind of hard to do.  You can sort of see up by my shoulder the jacquard pattern, though...right?

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