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January | Monthly Goals

My blogging friend Nicole has been setting 5 monthly goals for herself for three years now, and tracking it all on her blog.  I've been quite interested in doing the same thing on my blog as well, a) because I looove setting and working towards goals, and b) because I have a sweet 30 before 30 bucket list that I'm trying to continuously make improvements towards.  I'll probably wind up posting my monthly goals here, and doing a recap of them the next month when I post the new goals (so yes, just like Nicole does it...).

1. Do something active at least 2x each week | My weight loss has plateaued over the past several weeks (darn you, holidays!), and a lot of it is because I've been spending a lot of time watching Netflix (and eating chocolate chips).  I want to move my body more.  I don't want to state any specific activities or duration of said activities, because I really need baby steps in order to make lasting changes, but I just want to start getting into the habit of moving my body more.  For instance, I had a solo dance party after work yesterday as I listened to the Guys and Dolls was so much fun to just rock out, still in my work clothes, with my dogs just staring at me from bed.  [My life is really exciting, right?]
2. Finish reading Wallbanger | My coworker spent her winter break in Arizona, and most of her days were next to the pool with a book in her hand (jealous).  She read Wallbanger, by Alice Clayton, and said it was hilarious!  The next day, she brought it into my office and told me to enjoy it.  I started reading it two days ago, and my coworker was right - this book is funny!  It's also pretty don't judge me, haha.  But seriously, it feels so good to be reading a book I'm actually excited about again after a long period of reading nothing (which bummed me out since I read a ton over the summer!).
3. Put thank you notes in the mail | I'm the worst at getting things in the mail.  Like, I've had thank you notes for my birthday and the holidays written for a couple of weeks now, and I just haven't sent them out.  Talk about embarrassing, right?!  I need to run to the post office and pick up some more stamps and get them in the mail!!
4. Have a game night with a friend/friends | Because I picked up another part-time job and am judging the speech team at my high school (which takes up many of my Saturdays from now until March), life's about to get super busy for me.  I tend to get into the habit of staying in and cooped up this time of year, and with my upcoming busy schedule, I need to socialize with friends more.  I've become better friends with some of my coworkers lately, and I'd like to invite some of them over for a fun, casual game night.  Kevin's going to be out of town at the end of January, so it might be a great time to have a girl's night :)
5. Take a day off work | Again, with this crazy schedule I've got coming up, I'll be working 6-7 days a week pretty soon.  I'd love to take a random day off from my school counseling job and spend it with my cousin and her new son, Nolan, who was born in mid-November.  I think snuggling with a sweet little baby and spending good quality time with my dear cousin sounds like the greatest day off ever!

I can't wait to tackle these goals!  Are any of you working on anything specific for the month of January?

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