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Contacts & Men's Tees

Tee / Cardigan: Target
Jeans: Old Navy
Shoes: TOMS
Necklace: From my mom

So, I got my current glasses this past September, and I've literally worn them all but three days since I got them.  I love how I look in my glasses, and have been oddly self-conscious without them on for quite awhile.  I decided to wear my contacts for a day last week when I went to get my hair cut at a new place (I like to be able to see what they're doing and am blind without my glasses), and you know what?  I didn't hate how I looked.  I actually felt kinda cute!  I still love my glasses and find them to be less of a hassle than contacts most of the time, but to have a confident day in my contacts was great.

I recently realized that I don't have a ton of casual clothes, and hardly any tees.  I bought a small pack of Hanes tees in the men's section at Target to wear on weekends and with more casual outfits.  Today's outfit features one of these tees - I purposely bought them big so that I would feel comfortable and relaxed in them, and so far, I've really enjoyed having them in my closet.  They're so easy to throw on with a pair of jeans and a cardigan for a casual weekend look, or with a pair of leggings after work for comfortable loungewear.  Since I'm all about comfort these days (let's be honest - when haven't I been all about comfort), I'd say it was a pretty good choice to add some plain white v-necks to my closet!


Casual Friday

Tee / Jeans: Old Navy
TOMS: From my mom
Necklace: Forever 21

It's been another couple of crazy weeks for me.  I graduate in 15 days, and it's been pretty crazy trying to wrap up all my projects, finish all my internship hours, prepare for presentations, and write final papers.  I've also been applying for jobs (and had my first interview yesterday!), which takes up a ton of time.

Last week, I had my colloquium, which is where I presented the research I've been conducting about gifted adolescent girls over the past two years to my advisor, internship supervisors, classmates, family, and friends.  It wound up being fantastic.  I loved being able to share all of my research with everyone, and I got fantastic feedback from my advisor.  Just one more thing to check off my list, right??

I've been dressing much more simply lately...maybe because my schedule has been hectic and I don't want to think so much about my clothes?  Maybe because my sense of style has gotten more simple?  I'm not exactly sure why, but I have been really enjoying my outfits as of late.  Today's outfit couldn't be more basic, but I really love it.  It was the perfect studying outfit - comfortable and easy, but still cute enough with the navy crocheted TOMS (I'll get a detailed shot of them later - they're very cute!), necklace, and headband.


Simple in Stripes

Sweater / Jeans: Old Navy
Scarf: Gift from parents
Flats: Payless

Another day, another simple, striped outfit, right?  I actually really like this outfit, as simple as it is.  I've been a fan of khaki and coral together for quite awhile, so pairing my bright coral scarf with this khaki striped sweater was an obvious choice.  It's appropriate enough for the cooler weather we had last week, but the colors are springy.


Blog Friends

Thank you all for your sweet and understanding comments on my last post.  I've read all of your comments and have been thinking about them a lot, and will be taking the time this week to respond to each of you.  In the mean time, please know that I sincerely appreciate your encouragement, and knowing that I'm not alone is such a comforting feeling.

Onto the outfit!  I wore this a couple of weekends ago, when I had the fantastic opportunity to meet my blogging friend, Andi.  It was my first blogger meet up, and I had a blast.  Andi is so sweet and kind, and we had a great time talking about our lives, our blogs, and of course, clothes.  I even got to meet her darling nieces and sister when we all went shopping at H&M - they were hilarious!  I hope I get the chance to see Andi again sometime...and now I want to meet all of you!!

I originally wanted to wear this outfit with my cognac flats, as I pictured in the first outfit.  However, we had gotten a big, icky snowstorm the day before, so I wound up wearing my beige boot with this outfit instead.  I liked both outfits, but I think I would have preferred wearing the flats.


Let's Be Real...

Sweater: Old Navy
Pants / Scarf: JCPenney
Boots: Fergalicious via DSW

Let's just be real here, for a minute, you guys.  I have not been feeling much like blogging lately because I'm struggling.  Grad school, while I've loved it, has not been so kind to my body.  Since I'm on the road and away from home for 12-14 hours a day, I have not been able to eat as healthily as I would like to, nor have I had time to exercise.  Thus...I've gained a lot of weight.  And for someone who has struggled with disordered eating in the past, this is not a great place to be in.

A large chunk of things in my closet don't fit me anymore, which makes it hard to get dressed.  I get irritated and upset seeing all these cute clothes in my closet that look awful on me.  I am finding myself wearing the same few things over and over because they're what I feel okay in.  Lately, when I've been trying to take outfit pictures, all I can see is how icky I look in my clothes.

It's an interesting dichotomy, really.  I feel so proud of everything that I've accomplished over the past two years, but at the same time, I feel embarrassed about how being in grad school has affected my body.  Pride vs. shame.

After my closet inventory post, I mentioned that I want to cut down on what I own.  I have already gotten rid of a lot of items in my closet that are not really my style anymore (and am strongly considering opening up an Instagram shop!), but I want to take it a step further.  Because my closet is filled with things that don't fit me anymore, I often feel guilty and bad about myself when I'm picking out clothes to wear.  I am going to get rid of nearly all the stuff that used to fit me but does not anymore.  Having it in my closet is doing nothing but make me feel bad about myself, and I deserve better.  Plus, if when I drop the grad school pounds again, I'm probably going to want to buy some new clothes that fit my body better.  Ultimately, I just want to feel happy when I look in my closet, get dressed, see photos of myself, etc.

Do any of you struggle with this as bloggers as well?  I really, really hope I'm not alone!

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Floral Week: Floral Scarf Remix!

Tank / Chambray: Old Navy
Pants: Target
Boots: Baretraps via DSW
Scarf: Gift from my brother's girlfriend

Shirt: Gap
Skirt: Target
Flats: Payless

I thought I'd show you two ways that I've worn this beautiful floral scarf!  The first outfit is a very casual study outfit.  I've been working on a huge final group project for one of my classes recently, and I wore this outfit for a 9-hour day in the library with my partner.  It was super comfortable, perfect for the 50-degree weather, and put together enough so that I was able to stay motivated and focused.  It was also the first time I've tried wearing my chambray shirt open...and I loved how it looked!  I'll definitely be doing that again.

The second outfit was worn this past Wednesday, when we had 70+ degree weather!  I was finally able to wear a skirt with bare legs...and holy cow, was it glorious.  This outfit has a lot of texture and pattern going on.  My shirt has swiss dots all over it, my skirt has a fun geometric pattern, and I topped it all off with my floral scarf.  Kind of a stretch for simple little Brynn, but I did really like it and wasn't self-conscious in it, despite all the busyness.

Here's a side-by-side shot of the two outfits, casual and more work-appropriate:
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Floral Week: Brown & Coral Sheer Top

Shirt: LOFT, thrifted
Cardigan / Pants: Old Navy
Belt: Target
Shoes: Kohls? (I've had them since high school...)

This school year, I have been working as a graduate assistant (GA) in my department doing research with one of the faculty members.  Most of the other GAs that work in the office wear jeans and tees every day to work, but I'm one of those people that is much more productive when I am put together and a bit more dressed up.  When I walked into the office wearing this outfit, one of my fellow GAs said to me, "Dang, Brynn, you always look so cute and nice when you come to work.  I feel so sloppy standing next to you in my jeans and sweatshirt!"  I laughed, thanked her, and explained that I do much better work when I'm dressed a bit nicer...but not to be fooled, because as soon as I get home, I'm in leggings and a sweatshirt.  I know I'm not the only one out there like this!

I can't decide if I really like today's outfit, or if I'm completely ambivalent about it.  I feel like theoretically, it works - the colors go together, I've got slim pants on with a blousier top, it's not overly accessorized...but somehow, it still kind of feels off.  Maybe it's because it feels kind of "mature" for me?  I don't know.

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Floral Week: White Floral Jeans

Jeans / Shirt: Old Navy
Flats: Payless

I've had these jeans in my closet for AGES - I got them on super clearance for $4 at Old Navy a long time ago, but have not yet worn them.  I think they are ridiculously cute, but I have not been sure how to style them.  I started super easy today with my new light blue blouse.  It definitely works, but it's really expected.  I'm not sure how else to style them, though.  What suggestions do you all have for what to wear with these jeans?

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Floral Week: Springy Blouse

Blouse: Kohls
Jeans: Target
Flats: Old Navy

Today's outfit is simple, but it was a no-fuss outfit that is perfect for spring.  Although it's finally getting nicer, it had been a little chilly (and we had a big old snowstorm last week!!).  Instead of bundling up in my sweaters and boots, however, I thought I needed a little bit of a spring pick-me-up.  Enter this pretty blouse and my olive jeans.  Although there isn't much to this outfit, I still really like it - this blouse is one of my favorites!  I can't wait to try it out with my coral blazer soon.

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Floral Week: Pink & White Cardigan

Shirt: NY&C, thrifted
Cardigan: Talbots, thrifted
Pants: Target
Boots: Baretraps via DSW

It's the beginning of Floral Week!  I'm so excited to cohost the week with Andi and Kate, and get to wear my floral prints all week long.  I've worn this pink and white floral cardigan a few times so far, and always with a white shirt underneath.  I decided to switch it up a bit and try it with my darkest blue chambray shirt (which has been sorely neglected...), and I really liked the final result.

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Pinned It and Did It: Coral Blazer and Stripes

Blazer: Gap
Tee / Jeans: Old Navy
Boots: Fergalicious via DSW
Necklace: From my mom

Inspiration outfit from Putting Me Together (link to pin here)

Sorry for the crappy photo today - I took it in the morning before the sun was fully out...oops.

When I saw this outfit on Audrey a month or so ago, I instantly loved it and wanted to recreate it with my coral blazer.  I haven't worn this blazer in quite awhile, because it's just so springy.  Every time I tried wearing it this winter, it felt really out of season.  So, when we had a warmer, sunnier day a couple weeks ago, I decided that it was the perfect opportunity to pull out my coral blazer...and Audrey's outfit was the perfect inspiration.  Because the quality of this photo is so poor, you can't tell that I'm wearing my new gray boots, which, by the way, are super comfortable.



Shirt / Sweater / Jeans: Old Navy
Shoes: TJ Maxx

I really, really resisted the recent trend of sweaters with animals on them for a long time.  I know that when I was a little kid, I would have wanted all of them, but as I've gotten older, I sometimes feel like they're a little cutesy for a grown-up.  They can look cute on some people (and it really depends on the animal image for me...), but I hesitated buying one for myself.  My sister-in-law convinced me to buy this one at Old Navy for $4 back in December because a) it was $4, and b) IT HAS A DOG ON IT (I love dogs).  And...then it sat in my closet unworn for a long time because Kevin teased me about it when I brought it home, and I was 2% embarrassed about it.  The dog, however, won me over, and I decided to finally give it the attention it deserves.  While I still felt the slightest bit silly in my dog sweater, I wound up liking this outfit.  It's the first time I've tried wearing a button up under a pullover sweater, and I thought these shoes looked cute and quirky with the outfit.  Yeah, it's still pretty cutesy for me, but it was fun and different from what I usually wear.  Plus, I wore it to my elementary school internship, and the kiddos loved my dog sweater.  WIN.