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Weekend Recap + The Only Outfit I Ever Want to Wear

Tunic dress: From my parents | Leggings: Old Navy | Boots: Bare Traps | Scarf: Gift

I hope you all had a great weekend!  I spent most of my weekend hoping and praying that I don't catch the nasty influenza virus that's been spreading like wildfire through my school.  About 15% of our students were gone on Friday due to the illness, and it makes people utterly miserable for days on end.  YUCK.  We spent a lot of time on Friday sanitizing everything in our office...  I went to my coworker's house on Friday after school for a little happy hour with a handful of other school people, and wound up staying until like 9:00.  We had a blast laughing, enjoying beverages and snacks, and playing games.  It's so much fun to have coworkers who have become such dear friends.

Kevin and I also went to a holiday concert with his family yesterday.  The music was awesome; it was very Celtic-inspired, had three wonderful female vocalists, a great guitar artist, some drums, a bass guitar, and a woman who played all kinds of wonderful Irish and Scottish instruments.  If I could be in a music group, it would definitely be one like this, maybe with a little jazz or bluegrass/folk music sprinkled in.

As for today's outfit...get ready to see tons like it.  I have four of these tunic dresses and a few other tunics similar to it that are so cozy.  I've been wearing them to work with different colored leggings, boots, and scarves, and they couldn't be cozier.

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