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Receptionist Chic?

Shirt: Lucky, thrifted | Cardigan: Old Navy | Pants: Kohls | Shoes: Sanita

Say hello to my new dark red cardigan!  You'll be seeing this baby a lot, because I totally love it.  My mom was a peach and bought me three new cardigans from Old Navy a couple of weeks ago, and I am smitten.  They're so soft and cozy!

This outfit is super simple, but I had my first evaluation with my principal the day I wore it and I wanted to keep it pretty understated.  You know how some outfits are described as "librarian chic" or "sexy secretary?"  Well, this outfit for me reminds me of something I've seen a lot of health care receptionists wear...and I kind of really like it (I think it's all in the clogs).  Is "receptionist chic" a thing?  I'm going to make it a thing, because seriously, this outfit was so comfortable and I want to dress like this all the time.  These pants, as I mentioned in my budget post, feel like yoga pants but look like dress pants, and I'm all about the layers.  I even wore my special cladagh necklace (sorry for no detail shot...I'm the worst at remembering those) that I got from my family's Irish exchange student back in the late 90s.

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