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Jeans for Work!

Blouse: J. Jill | Jeans: Lauren Conrad | Boots: Guess | Necklace: Forever 21

Thank you, everyone, for your sweet birthday greetings from last week!  I wound up having a great birthday!  On my actual birthday, my coworkers had a sweet lunch celebration for me, with a delicious confetti cake, and they gave me a custom zip up with our counseling department logo on it - I'm part of the team now!! ;)  Kevin and I spent the evening eating brownies and chips + queso dip (two of my favorite foods), watching old episodes of Modern Family (one of my favorite shows), and playing Skip Bo and Pandemic (two of my favorite games).

This weekend was pretty wonderful as well.  My best friend Andria came down to our house for dinner and a night full of games (we taught her Pandemic and she taught us Settlers of Catan), which was a blast!  On Saturday, I spent the day with my grad school best friend, Megan.  We had a delicious brunch at Panera, followed by a day full of baking.  We made some adorable frosted sugar cookies and the most amazing peppermint Oreo balls!  And yesterday, I spent the day in the kitchen again, watching Netflix as I made chocolate-dipped pretzels for all 16 people in our office at work.  I'm pretty excited about how they turned out and I am handing them out to everyone today!

As for today's outfit, I can't seem to stop wearing these silky J. Jill blouses!  They're so comfortable and I love how they look with ponte pants and skinny jeans!  I have really enjoyed pairing this particular cream top with pastels, so my light pink bubble necklace was a great match (even if the necklace is all wonky in the picture).  I recently found out that we can wear jeans to work any day of the week (not just Fridays), so this was my first time wearing them on a different day of the week.  These dark wash jeans look polished, and the dressier top makes it look more work-appropriate, I think.  Get ready to see some more jeans on the blog, now that I know I can wear them more often!

The weather in Minnesota has been gray, wet, and dreary over the past several weeks, so I haven't been able to take any outfit photos for quite awhile - I'm hoping that over my winter break (I work today and tomorrow and then am off until January 5!), I'll be able to get caught up with outfit photos so I'll have some new things to post for you!  I also will be starting my winter capsule in January, so I'm eager to get that put together for you all as well.

Have a great Monday!

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