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Sweater / Jeans: Old Navy | Boots: Bare Traps | Scarf: Target

Making | Kevin and I have been trying new recipes lately: cheesy potatoes for Thanksgiving, a vegetable soup for cold days, and apple scones for a decadent weekend breakfast.  I am trying hard to gain more confidence in the kitchen, and it's much more fun to make food with a buddy than it is to go at it alone.  So far, everything we've tried has been delicious!

Listening | I admit that I'm one of those crazy folks who loves listening to Christmas music.  Lately, I can't get enough of the Pentatonix Christmas albums (my two favorite songs are this one and this one), Harry Connick Jr. (this one was a favorite of mine when I was a kid), or The Blenders (they're a wonderful Midwestern a cappella group who puts on the greatest Christmas concert every winter - we're going in a couple weeks and I can't wait!  One of my favorite songs that they perform is this one).

Wrapping | On my mom's side of the family, everyone brings a gift that fits a certain theme, and then we play the dice game to decide who gets what gift.  We've done themes such as "DVDs," "Red," and "Homemade," but this year's gift has to start with the gift-giver's first initial (so my gift would have to start with the letter "B").  I have my gift all picked out and ready to go, but I won't say what it is yet since some of my family reads my blog ;)

Watching | So, Kevin and I love watching Netflix together.  I am usually pretty "talked out" at the end of the day, and Kevin is wrapping up his Master's degree and enjoys the downtime to get his mind off schoolwork, so watching TV shows together on Netflix is one of our favorite ways to relax.  We've breezed through several TV series so far over the past 6 years (Parks and Rec, The Office, Portlandia, Derek, Orange Is the New Black, LOST, An Idiot Abroad, How I Met Your Mother, The New Girl), and we're now on That 70's Show.  It's Kevin's all-time favorite TV show (and he's watched the complete series multiple times on his own), but I hadn't ever really watched it.  It's SO FUNNY (this clip kills us both every time).  I also usually have my own TV show that I watch before I go to bed on my phone while Kevin is finishing homework.  I recently started watching Parenthood, and I'm almost done with season 2 now.  Another great show!

Anticipating | I am so excited for winter break.  I know I just had a 5 day weekend for Thanksgiving, but I'm already looking forward to the time off to spend with my cousin and her new baby, see some of my grad school friends who also will be on winter break, paint a lot, watch more Netflix (haha), and hang out with both my family and Kevin's.

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