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27 + Bucket List

Guess what, everybody??

Yep, today's the day I turn 27...officially in my late 20s.  26 was a pretty good age for me.  I completed my graduate program and graduated with a 4.0, I landed my first school counseling job in a great district with incredible colleagues, I moved into a beautiful townhouse with Kevin and our sweet puppies, and I've finally had time for myself and to improve my health and personal happiness.

Now that I'm just three years away from being 30, I decided I wanted to put together a bucket list of 30 things I want to do before I'm 30 years old.  I'm hoping to document the list and my progress towards these goals on my blog.
  1. Get at least one more tattoo.
  2. Donate my hair.
  3. Lose more weight...and maintain the loss.
  4. Pay off all credit cards.
  5. Buy a house.
  6. Foster at least 5 dogs.
  7. Complete a 5K race.
  8. Teach myself more Spanish.
  9. Play in a community band.
  10. Participate in a community theater production.
  11. Sew a quilt.
  12. Try one new recipe every month.
  13. Plan two out-of-town girls' weekends: one with my cousins, and one with my girlfriends.
  14. Write at least two letters a year to someone who has positively influenced me.
  15. Learn how to play my guitar.
  16. Spend a day at the Minnesota State Capitol to advocate for the school counseling profession.
  17. Dye my hair pink or purple.
  18. Read at least 12 books every year.
  19. Paint something for our house.
  20. Make yoga a part of my daily routine.
  21. Travel to either Hawaii or Europe with Kevin.
  22. Buy a new wedding ring.
  23. Take our parents out for dinner.
  24. Find an organization to volunteer with regularly.
  25. Redecorate our bedroom with a clear vision/design.
  26. Host a family gathering at our house.
  27. Talk with a friend on the phone every other week.
  28. Participate in one multicultural event every season.
  29. Send birthday cards to our friends and family members.
  30. Keep a gratitude journal.
So...there you have it!  These are the things I really want to accomplish during the last three years of my 20s.  I feel so excited about the things on my list, and I am eager to share my progress with y'all.

Have any of you done a bucket list of sorts?  Would you want to do any of these things?

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