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Printed Cardigan + Zebra Print

In order to show as many of my capsule outfits as I can before the final capsule wardrobe link up with Anne and Jacquelyn next week, I am going to be posting two outfits each for the next three days.  Get ready for a whole lot of Brynn! ;)

Dress / Boots / Tights: Target | Cardigan: Talbot's, thrifted
Necklace (which you can't even see): Gift from my grandma

When I've been planning my work outfits, I've been keeping track of how many times I've worn certain items.  I noticed that I had only worn this cardigan once, which is kind of ridiculous, because it's super cute.  I have found it to be quite difficult to style, though, which is part of the reason why I decided to include it in my capsule.  I knew I wanted to get one more wear out of it as a part of the capsule, so I decided to pair it with my trusty black dress.  It isn't the most exciting outfit in the world, but I do really like how keeping the rest of the outfit black allows the cardigan to stand out.

Top: J. Jill | Pants: Kohls | Boots: Target | Scarf: Gift

I love these silky shirts (I have three, all of which are in the capsule), but they aren't super warm.  Because I needed a little extra warmth (and color/pattern) in my outfit, I decided to add this blue and black zebra print scarf.  I usually think that zebra print looks quite youthful (especially if it has color in it), but this scarf is made out of a thicker material and the subdued blue keeps it from looking too teeny-bopper, I think.  But maybe I'm just justifying things because I love this scarf so much, haha.  Can a nearly-27-year-old woman get away with a colorful zebra print scarf like this??

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