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Pantone Color Challenge: Royal Blue

Top: J. Jill | Pants: Old Navy | Boots: Target | Scarf: Hand-me-down from my mom

So, in my capsule, I only included three pairs of long pants (and the jeans I included don't fit me I've only been wearing two pairs of pants to work).  I have three pairs of ankle pants in my capsule, but it's now too cold to wear them to work (and with my office's temperature being as cold as it is, it was kind of too cold to wear them anyways, haha), which really means I've been functioning with only two pairs of pants.  I have one pair of skinny jeans that I didn't include in my capsule items that I've been wearing tons on the weekends (when I'm not wearing my leggings, let's just be real), but that's the only other pair of long pants that I even have.  Don't get me wrong, I love me some dresses and leggings, but some days, you just want to wear pants and a shirt, right?

I decided to try out wearing my ankle pants as long pants and just tuck them into boots, just to see if it would work and thus expand my selection of winter-appropriate pants.  I tried it out on a weekend so that in case it wasn't comfortable or didn't work, I wouldn't have to suffer (that's probably too dramatic a word for this situation...) all day long.  And you know what?  It worked, and I liked how it turned out!  I think wearing knee high socks over the pants would probably be a better idea for next time, since the pants did get slightly bunchy at the knees over the course of the day, but that's the only complaint!  I'm really glad that I tried it out, because now I feel like I have a whole new wardrobe, haha :)

And this outfit also features my blue silky blouse for the royal blue day of the Pantone Color Challenge with Heidi and Marissa.  This top has been a part of my capsule, but I have only worn it once or twice to work so far.  I thought styling it for a weekend outfit like this (although I'd totally wear this to work...) would be a fun way to mix it up.

If you haven't been following along with the other bloggers participating in the Pantone Color Challenge this week, click on the box below and check it out!  Lots of wonderful outfits!!
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