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Pantone Color Challenge: Cypress

Shirt / Vest: Old Navy | Jeans: Jessica Simpson | Scarf: Gift from my parents | Boots: Target

So, I've been blogging for nearly two years now, and I'm pretty proud to say that very rarely have I ever bought something solely because I saw that exact item on another blogger.  This top, however, is the exception.  I saw it featured on Audrey's blog back in September, and I bought it the very next day.  I saw in Audrey's post how versatile it could be - that I could wear it casually or dressed up for work, that I could wear it during warmer months on its own and during colder months with some layers, etc., and I was sold.  It's one of my favorite tops, and I've worn it several times on weekends already.  When December rolls around and I'll be done with my capsule, I am going to wear the heck out of it at work, too!!

Today, I decided to wear it with my olive (or cypress, for today's Pantone Color Challenge with Heidi and Marissa) vest, my one pair of jeans, and my brown combat boots.  Instead of wearing a neutral necklace or going sans accessories, I decided to inject a little color into the outfit with my coral scarf.  I actually really like how this outfit looks, and I'm eager to wear it again.  [Side note: You may recall that I've been adamant about not being an outfit repeater before, but I'm slowly starting to warm up to the idea of re-wearing outfits.  I'm not sure why I've been such a stickler about it...if I like an outfit, why not wear it again??]
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