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Tank / Cardigan: Old Navy | Skirt / Tights: Target | Boots: Fergalicious | Necklace: From my mom

Yesterday, we had a college and career day at my school.  28 colleges and 15 area businesses came to the school for students to talk with, and we had several breakout sessions for students to attend during the day with topics ranging from ACT test preparation to seeking out internships and mentorships.  I led breakout sessions all about scholarships - how to search for them, how to apply, how to stand out, etc.  It was the first time I've done any presentations for students at my new school, so it felt great to have face time with so many students.  I am guessing I probably talked to 200+ students over the course of the morning!

Because most students in the school haven't met me yet (I only have 400 kids in my alphabet chunk and have only had the chance to meet about a third of my assigned students at this point), it was important for me to make a good I tried to keep the presentation engaging and entertaining - well, as much as you can make scholarships exciting! ;)  I told them about the importance of applying for scholarships with a professional email address (like, and told them about some of the email addresses I encountered while working in college admissions.  I worked in admissions for 6 years, so I came across a ton of "interesting" email addresses.  My coworkers and I kept this list of the weirdest email addresses people would put on their college applications so we could reference them for a good laugh once in a while.  I think my personal favorite/least favorite email address that I have seen on a college application was  Hilarious, but highly inappropriate for a college or scholarship application.  Regardless, when I told this story during my presentation, I got some good laughs out of the kids, so I'll consider it a win :)

As for today's outfit, it's another gray and navy outfit (almost as ubiquitous as my cream and black outfits as of late!!).  I almost always seem to wear this skirt with navy and/or gray, because they just work together, right?  I also took a bit of a risk with my boots - they're my mid-calf gray boots, which I have always worn with skinny pants or jeans up until now.  I felt kind of badass when I wore them with this outfit - it gave the look a bit of an edge that I really liked.  Next time I wear these boots with a skirt or a dress, I'll try to get a better's hard to see them in this photo!

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