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Capsule Reflections

As I mentioned earlier this week, I have been reflecting a lot about my capsule wardrobe and am eager to share my thoughts about the whole experience.

Three months ago, I felt really good about all the items that I chose for my capsule.  I thought I had a great mix of items that would be appropriate for the weather, that had a good amount of mix-and-match potential, and that I would not get tired of wearing to work for the next three months.  By and large, I did feel as though my items went well together.  However, as I spoke about in a recent post, by the end of the challenge, I felt pretty bored by my items.  I still had lots of combinations that would work that I hadn't worn yet, but since most of my 39 pieces were not only neutrals but also really quite plain, I struggled with wearing visually interesting outfits.

Here are some quick stats:
  • Items worn most frequently | Gray ponte pants (worn 8 times), black ponte pants (worn 7 times), camel cardigan (worn 5 times)
  • Items worn least frequently | Camel tank, cream tee, camel/white striped tee (each worn ZERO times...)
  • Favorite outfit formulas | Dress + cardigan + boots or ponte pants + tunic/longer top + scarf/necklace.
Honestly, the whole experience taught me a lot.  Just like my previous remix challenges (see here and here), I still noticed that it was pretty easy to get dressed while doing my capsule wardrobe.  Having a limited number of items makes planning outfits so much more simple!  It did get harder towards the end, since I was getting tired of having to add any kind of excitement to my outfits with accessories such as a scarf or bold piece of jewelry.  I also think it's kind of funny that I had given myself permission to add in 11 more pieces for a grand total of 50 items in my capsule, but I didn't even get around to wearing all of my 39 items!  Crazy.

If I were to do the capsule again (and I'm kind of thinking about it...), I may consider adding in shoes this time, and I also might decide to include weekend outfits (although I'm less sure about the latter).  Having "free range" of my closet during the weekends was one way to keep me motivated and excited about the capsule process, so I'm not 100% sure I want to take that away from myself!  Plus, the weekends are when I do a lot of outfit  I'll likely take the month of December to figure out what items I'd want to include in a capsule, what my guidelines will be, how many pieces I'd like to include, etc., and then I'll report back with my final decision.

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