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Capsule Debut

Tee: Old Navy | Pants: Kohls | Jacket: JCPenney | Boots: Guess

It's crazy to me that this is the first time I've worn my black and white striped tee during the capsule wardrobe.  Every other time I've done a remix challenge, I have heavily relied on this tee, so the fact that I've gone nearly 3 months without wearing it is insane.  I do really like the way it debuted during my capsule wardrobe, though.  Black + olive + cognac is such a classic combination that I can't get enough of, and there's something so fall-like about it that feels great for this time of year (although we now have snow, so I guess I'm in winter mode until May...).  I typically wear this jacket open, but I decided to snap it today for a new look and to conserve heat.  My office is so, so cold, so anything I can do to stay warm is necessary.  The other day, I wore a sweater, scarf, and jacket in my office with a space heater on full blast, and I was still shivering and had blue fingers!  Any tips on how to stay warm in a freezing office??

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