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Budgeting Bloggers: October + November

In my May budget post, I introduced my yearlong shopping freeze.  The purpose of my year off of shopping was not only to save money and tackle our student loan debt, but also to be happier with what I already own.  However, I also detailed some exceptions to my year of no shopping, and over the past two months, I purchased some things that fall into those exceptions.

Here's a summary of what I bought in October + November:
  • Black boots: Target, $30
  • Skinny jeans: Kohls, $25
  • Black bootcut pants: Kohls, $20
  • Gray bootcut pants: Kohls, $20
  • Maroon leggings: Old Navy, $10
  • Gray leggings: Old Navy, $10
  • Pink dress: Old Navy, $8
  • Gray dress: Old Navy, $4
  • Black clogs: DSW, $75

One of the things I allowed myself to purchase during this year of no shopping was a new pair of black boots.  I looked high and low for months for a pair of affordable, comfortable, casual-but-not-sloppy black boots, preferably a pair without a zipper.  After trying on about 10-15 different pairs at all different kinds of stores and price points, I finally found "the pair" back in mid-October: the Kamari boots from Target.  They're kind of a faded/distressed black, so they actually kind of look dark gray, but I love them so much and like that they're a little bit unique.

I also allowed myself to purchase some new clothes if I happened to be successful in weight loss.  Now that I've lost 10 lbs, none of the jeans that I had before fit me anymore, and I only had two pairs of pants to wear to work.  I recently went out and found a pair of Lauren Conrad skinny jeans that fit me like a dream.  They're perfect for tucking into boots, and they'll work perfectly with flats and sneakers in the spring as well.  I also found two pairs of Daisy Fuentes bootcut pants, in black and gray, to wear to work.  These pants are awesome because they look like dress pants, but they're ponte and the feel just like yoga pants.

I was also in need of some warmer layers to wear with dresses and skirts on account of the falling temperatures and my frigid office.  I found two pairs of thick leggings at Old Navy that are so cozy and warm.  I've worn them on weekends already with some tunics, and I can't wait to wear them during the weeks as well.  I also found a pink fit and flare dress and a gray sweatshirt dress (that I've been looking for for ages) at Old Navy on clearance.  They look amazing on my body and I will easily be able to wear them year round in both work and weekend outfits.

Finally, I bought a pair of Sanita clogs at DSW to wear with my non-skinny pants.  They may not be the epitome of fashion, but I think they're cute and incredibly comfortable - and they replace the Dansko clogs I won in a giveaway and that my puppy destroyed a year ago...dang it, Rooney!!).  Additionally, they're the only pair of shoes I have for the winter that aren't boots, and I can't bear the thought of wearing only boots for the next 6 months.  At $75, they were much more expensive than any pair of shoes I've bought in a long time, but I know they will get tons of wear and will last for a long time.  Side note: I'm counting them as an early birthday present to myself, as my birthday is in 3 weeks. the past two months, I have spent some money (a total of $202 for the past two months).  It's quite a bit more than I was anticipating, but I also knew that I needed some new things that fit me better and that were weather-appropriate.  Most of the things that I got fall into the exceptions I laid out for myself at the start of the year of no spending.  I also did another round of purging from my closet, and I have some things that I'm going to try and sell to make up for some of the things I bought over the past couple of months.

For now, however, I'm going to stick hard to my no-shopping rules and only purchase things with gift cards and rewards.  Many of the pieces I have right now will still fit me for a while, even as I continue to lose more weight (plus my mom is an awesome seamstress who has offered to help me resize my clothing as my body changes - thanks, Mom!!).

I'll be linking up with Fran and the other budgeting bloggers!

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