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Tunic: J. Jill | Pants: Kohls | Flats: Old Navy | Scarf: From my mom

This scarf is so soft, and I love the blue + gray + tan leopard print, but it's super voluminous and thus, comically large at times.  However, I love how warm it keeps me with all the fabric, and in this case, it added just the perfect amount of extra interest to the outfit.

Do you ever have one of those weekends that kind of turn out to be an emotional roller coaster?  That was this weekend for me.  I got a call on Friday afternoon that my aunt was diagnosed with breast cancer.  I've been pretty close to my aunt for most of my life, and I'm really close with her two kids who are 16 and 13.  We're still learning more about her prognosis and treatment plan, but it really rattled me to hear the news on Friday.  I was able to see my aunt, uncle, and my 13-year-old cousin on Saturday night, when we all had dinner at my parents' house and played games - more Telestration, and tons of laughter, which we all needed a hefty dose of.

I spent most of the weekend at my in-laws' house, as well, which was really fun.  I am really close with Kevin's family, and love spending time with them.  Kevin was out of town at a conference for most of the weekend, so I hung out with his parents and two of his brothers and their significant others.  We played poker (I won every last chip on the table, muahahahaha), went to the dog park, cooked and ate lots of delicious food, and enjoyed lots of time around the kitchen table talking about anything and everything.

Yesterday evening, Kevin and I were both back home (with two utterly exhausted pups), and we spent our evening cleaning the house, grocery shopping, and having a dance party to the AWOLNATION Pandora station (no shame).  Before we went to bed, we watched an episode of Portlandia - oh my gosh, that show kills me.  I needed to gear myself up for this week at work - I'm having the "You will not graduate this year unless things change" conversation with kiddos all week...yuck.  Nobody wants to be the bearer of bad news...

My goal for this week is to engage in plenty of self-care.  Lord knows I need it!  So, I'm fully intending on watching The Voice while painting my nails tonight, and catching up on blogs once again (how in the world I can never stay caught up is beyond me).

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