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Small Town

Dress: Old Navy | Cardigan + Belt: Target | Boots: Guess

This outfit is hands down one of my favorite outfits in recent months.  I adore the gray dress with all the browns, and I felt so comfortable and fall-like in it.  I got some pretty solid compliments from students and coworkers about this outfit as well, which made me pretty happy.

The day I wore this outfit, I realized just how small our new community is.  There are about 25,000 people in the town I live in, but it definitely has a small town vibe.  I wore this outfit to a doctor's appointment in the morning in which I needed to get blood drawn and a flu shot.  Now, I have a horrible fear of, to the point that I used to have to be strapped onto a stretcher to get a simple shot, and I also pass out whenever I get pricked with anything needle-like. [I've also passed out just listening to someone talking about getting a shot.  It's bad.]  I had my appointment with my new doctor, and afterwards, her nurse came into the room to give me my flu shot.  Lo and behold, the nurse who walked in was the mother of two of my students.  Because I'm new, I literally only have met about 20-30 parents of my 400 kiddos so far, so the fact that the nurse was one that I knew and have actually spent a good chunk of time talking to was kind of crazy.  I tried to keep conversation on topics other than her children as I tried very hard not to pass out.  Talk about awkward!!!

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