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Jeans Suck.

Jeans: Jessica Simpson | Sweater: Old Navy | Boots: Bare Traps | Scarf: Target

What you see this this outfit are the only pair of jeans I like wearing.  See, jeans, in my life, kind of suck.  I can't ever find any that fit me - if they fit my waist, they're massive in the butt and thighs.  If they fit my legs, I can't get them closed.  They're often too short for me, and I'm kind of a mom and like a higher rise (keeps my gut sucked in, haha).  And these jeans are kind of a cheater pair, too, because my mom took in the legs and hips significantly so that they would fit me better and not get so baggy by the end of the day.

I went shopping this past week with my sister-in-law.  My mission was to find a pair of black boots (which is something I've been allowed to spend my money on during my year-of-no-shopping) and I also wanted to find a pair of jeans, since I basically only wear these jeans nowadays.  I tried on over 20 pairs of jeans in all different styles, sizes, cuts, from different stores, etc.  LITERALLY NOTHING WORKED.  So, I've decided to swear off jeans for the meantime.  I will not buy any more jeans, and I'll feel content with just this pair for now.  I'll plan to keep wearing my ponte pants, leggings, ankle pants, dresses, and skirts most of the time, because they don't usually make me feel bad about myself, haha.

Anyone else feel like they just want to swear off a particular clothing item/category of clothing every once in a while??

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