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Awkward Photos, Decent Outfits

Dress / Cardigan / Scarf: Old Navy | Tights: Target | Boots: Guess

Here's an awkward photo of a cute outfit.  I kind of hate the way this photo turned out, but I loooved the outfit.  This gray dress is so comfortable and I don't think I'll ever run out of ways to style it!  I paired it with navy (because I can't seem to stop wearing gray + navy together), but I added this white and light gray scarf to lighten the outfit up a bit.

Top: Gift from my parents | Pants: Target | Flats: Kohls

This is a pretty plain outfit, but with a shirt as loud and borderline obnoxious as this one, I think it's okay.  I love the way this shirt fits me, and it's so thick and comfortable.  I still can't get over the purple cuffs either! :)  And like the above photo, I really dislike the photo itself - so sunny and squinty!!!

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