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When Kevin Is My Photographer...

Top: J.Jill | Pants: Old Navy | Flats: Payless

 A close-up so you can see the detail on my pants!

Y'all, I love a good blooper reel.  Nothing makes me happier than seeing other people laugh, so when I have the chance to watch bloopers of my favorite television shows and movies, I watch them over and over again (some of my favorites are here and here).  I also tend to think that photo bloopers are pretty great as well.  For instance, the animal rescue that we fostered and adopted Rooney from takes photos of all the adoptable dogs at every meet and greet event.  On their Facebook page every so often, they post bloopers of the different dogs - usually of the dog with their tongue flopping out or their eyes blinking dopily.  Because I'm a sucker for bloopers and I'm obsessed with dogs, these pictures always crack me up.

Blogging photos are no different.  Now, because I take 99% of my blog photos on my iPhone with a self-timer app, I self-edit most of the pictures right away.  To be quite honest, I usually take one or two photos and then decide to be done.  It's not fancy, but it works for me.  If there are awkward pictures where I have sticking up hair or a derpy facial expression, I usually just delete them right away.  However, if it's too windy for my phone to stay up on its own, I will ask Kevin to take my pictures for me.  He takes about 40-50 pictures in about 20-30 seconds and it makes me feel so awkward...which then makes me do awkward things with my face and body...and then I get a huge collection of awkward photos such as these:

[I look like I am in the chorus of a musical or something.] 

 [This facial expression is terrifying.  And you can see the wind poofing out my shirt so I look large and in charge.]

 [As is this one.  Also, my wrist looks broken.]

 [This is me telling Kevin, "STOP!" as I'm giggling my ass off.]

I'm linking up with Fran for a blogging blooper linkup today, and I am so excited to see all of the other bloopers that you all are so bravely and shamelessly sharing :)

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